Credit: Instagram

It's a good thing we're not the jealous types, or else we might get something of a complex by seeing how muscular Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Barney and son Ryan Vieth have gotten. Nope, we're not jealous in the least a bit. Not us.

Owning her CUT Fitness gym with husband Eddie Judge has certainly been paying off for Tamra's bod, as she posted a photo (above) of herself flexing before a workout on February 5.

Credit: Instagram

"I'm about ready to to kill my workout @cutfitoc #plyo #nomakeup #flex," Tamra captions the impressive pic. 

Indeed, we almost didn't recognize Tamra here at first, as she invites us all to get a ticket to the gun show. Way to go, Tamra!

Meanwhile, a bearded Ryan posted shirtless selfies (at right) on February 6 to show off his physique, as he explains that he hasn't been lifting weights as much recently. "Been lacking in the gym department," he writes on Instagram. "Lost lbs and haven't been lifting. Needed a mental break."

If you ask us, Ryan still looks amazing, and he clearly has muscles for days. Don't be too hard on yourself, Ry — we all need a break sometimes! 

Are you surprised by how Tamra and Ryan are looking?

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