Gretchen Rossi: “Tamra Can’t Keep Her Mouth Shut About Me” (VIDEO)
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Gretchen Rossi

Gretchen Rossi: “Tamra Can’t Keep Her Mouth Shut About Me” (VIDEO)

There’s plenty of feuding on The Real Housewives of Orange County (Vicki and Lizzie! Heather and, well, everyone else!), but some people manage to take the feuds with them when they leave. One such person, of course, is Gretchen Rossi, who loves to keep her feud with former friend Tamra Barney alive.

The whole mess started in 2013, back when Gretchen was still on the show. The blonde beauty proposed to Slade Smiley (ugh), and things with BFF Tamra quickly went south, culminating in Tamra excluding Gretchen from her wedding.

Now that Gretchen’s off the show, the feud is still going strong. First, Tamra accused Gretchen of being a negligent mom. Gretchen retaliated by saying that Tamra “cares more about RHOC than taking care of her kids.” Tamra took to Instagram, calling Gretchen a “nasty bitch.” Slade chimed in with something useless. Tamra called him a “deadbeat dad with a sick son.”

Now Gretchen’s speaking out about Tamra again. “Well, unfortunately, Tamra can’t keep her mouth shut about me,” she said to RumorFix. “She continues to talk about me on the show, and she continues to say to people, ‘Oh, I’ll never talk about her again,’ and then, the next episode, she says something about me. And she’s put a lot of things out in the press about me that aren’t true. So I’m not going to stand by and allow somebody to continue to tell untruths about me. I’m always going to stand up for myself; that’s who I’ve always been, that’s who I will always be.” Yeah, Gretch. We know.

Do you think the feud between Gretchen and Tamra will ever end? Are you as tired of it as we are? Sound off in the comments!

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