Tamra Judge to Confront Heather Dubrow About the Bull-Riding Accident on the Reunion
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Real Housewives of Orange County

Tamra Judge to Confront Heather Dubrow About the Bull-Riding Accident on the Reunion

We are already excited about The Real Housewives of Orange County reunion — and the season is still far from over. Remember last week at Heather Dubrow’s hoedown when Tamra fell off of a mechanical bull and landed in the hospital? And the fact that she probably fell because Heather told the ride operator to turn it up? Well, Tamra definitely remembers — and she’s not too happy about it.

“What shocked me the most was to hear her say ‘[the ride operator] should be fired for turning it up.’ Say what?” Tamra told All Things Real Housewives.

Tamra only discovered Heather’s sabotage by watching the episode — her castmate failed to own up to it at the time, and instead acted as though the whole thing was a cruel prank by the ride operator (which, as far as cover stories go, is not great).

“Are you okay?” she had asked Tamra after the fall. “That was too fast! Why did they do that so fast? Did they do that on purpose? Fire him. That’s not funny!”

But now Tamra’s discovered Heather’s true colors, and she’s shaken. “I’m still absorbing this info and quite frankly I have mixed emotions,” Tamra said of the incident. “Heather has text me to say she is sorry and she was just kidding. I guess we will deal with it at the reunion. She’s still my fancy pants.”

We’re hoping Tamra can figure out how she feels before the reunion, because this is a confrontation we can’t wait to see!

Are you excited for the Season 9 reunion special? Do you think Heather sabotaged Tamra on purpose? Let us know in the comments!

Source: All Things Real Housewives

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