Tamra’s OC Wedding Recap: Finale — Tamra and Eddie Get Married!
Credit: Vivian Zink/Bravo © NBC Universal, Inc.    
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Real Housewives of Orange County

Tamra’s OC Wedding Recap: Finale — Tamra and Eddie Get Married!

Get the tissues ready! There were tears aplenty — both for the people at the wedding and for us watching it — during tonight's finale episode of Tamra's OC Wedding. In our recap of Episode 3, Real Housewives of Orange County stars Tamra Barney and Eddie Judge tie the knot but will the dresses get there? We're about to find out, so grab some hot wax, don't drink and dance, and be sure to keep track of all the Steves.

Wax On, Wax Off

When the episode begins, Tamra gets a tongue-lashing from her wedding planner because the big day is only a week away, and Tamra hasn't finished the seating chart. Plus, Tamra only used people's last names, which means that the various Steves are about to get very confused. And we all know that Steves deserve better than that.

But weddings aren't just about cakes covered in edible diamonds (although this one is mainly about that). So Tamra decides to get a bikini wax for the first time ever with her "man of honor" Ricky's help, of course. And we're thinking Ricky might have wanted to back out once the waxing started and so did the screaming and hand-squeezing, a la 40-Year-Old Virgin. Ricky might not have wanted to see Tamra's "fine China," as he put it, but he got to.

It's time for the rehearsal dinner, and we're a little nervous about her family all being there, after what happened when they gathered last week. Yikes. But even though the moonshine was again flowing which Vicki Gunvalson and Terry Dubrow actually enjoyed! Tamra's family was on their best behavior, as she and her brother Kenny made amends. In fact, if you had dry eyes during that scene, you just might be made of stone.

Tamra’s OC Wedding Recap: Finale — Tamra and Eddie Get Married!
Credit: Vivian Zink/Bravo © NBC Universal, Inc.    

Here Comes the Dress

The day has arrived! Tamra and her wedding planner sweat bullets about Tamra's dresses arriving on time, but luckily, they show up without a moment to spare! Because would designer Mark Zunino really have flubbed a Bravo wedding? We think not. Then, Tamra gets hoisted helped into her dress, and her mom is emotional. But Tamra tells her mom not to cry and to instead think about baseball. Uh, because there's no crying in baseball?

The other Housewives arrive and discuss how beautiful everything looks — and they even like the upside-down bike chandelier, which we hate are so-so about. And not to harp on this, but... how many harps did they really need? The bridesmaids — including Vicki and Heather Dubrow — make their ways down the aisle, followed by Tamra, escorted by Ryan. And yes, Tamra looks stunningly gorgeous. Those dresses were worth the wait.

Tamra and Eddie were both cute about rehearsing their vows, so they nail them during the ceremony. Eddie has his all memorized and gets laughs when he talks about having to first peel through Tamra's "layers." Er, aren't the jokes supposed to be at your own expense and not your partner's? Tamra then admits to having more baggage than Louis Vitton — see, she gets the deprecating thing! — and then adorably says her last line in Spanish for Grandma. Aww!

Tamra’s OC Wedding Recap: Finale — Tamra and Eddie Get Married!
Credit: Vivian Zink/Bravo © NBC Universal, Inc.    

Spank You Very Much

Tamra and Eddie exchange vows and kiss, and then they have the first dance by themselves in the reception hall. And the reception area is truly stunning, with real cherry-blossom trees on all the tables, not to mention the bedazzled cake on a swing. Where can we get one of those?

Everyone is having a blast at the reception, between Eddie and Tamra nailing their cha-cha dance — even though Tamra chugs that beer beforehand! — to Alexis Bellino emotionally wishing Tamra the best. And in the "We Did Not See That One Coming" category, Vicki playfully slaps Gretchen Rossi on the butt and says she loves her, while Gretchen claims the two are now lesbian lovers. Ah, the joy of fake happiness. God bless that moonshine.

All in all, the wedding was surprisingly heartfelt, and you could feel the love between Eddie and Tamra, not to mention their friends' bliss for them. And we liked wedding planner Diann, even though she appeared to be auditioning for her own Bravo show at times. So there were plenty of memorable moments in the episode, but our favorite quote was Vicki asking Tamra about getting waxed: "Did they do the butth**e?" That's reason #3,178 why we love Vick.

So we wish Tamra and Eddie a lifetime of happiness and cha-chas together. But did Kenny and Tamra really patch things up this quickly — which makes you question last week's flare-up, no? And did Tamra invite Gretchen to her wedding but then not speak to her throughout the entire event? Ouch. In the meantime, someone needs to pass us the moonshine, stat.

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