The Bachelor

This Tantrum-Throwing Reality Star Has a Super Toned Tooshy! Who Is It?

Call her whatever you want, just don’t tell her to control things she can’t…

The owner of this super toned tooshy, and all-around enviable bod was quite the pot-stirrer on her season of a very popular reality show. Though she seemed to be there for the “right reasons,” we were never sure whether she even liked the guy she was going after, or if she just wanted to win.

Nowadays, the Colorado girl spends quite a bit of time in Las Vegas, and we hear she might be headed to paradise to hang with some fellow alumni from her show’s franchise, too. Uh, including one then-32-year-old lady who she once called old. Nothing makes a tropical oasis a desperate desert faster than two enemies dropped down in the middle…

But who knows, perhaps this sparkly gal has matured since her time on the show. After all, a broken engagement tends to add a little wisdom to anyone… assuming she was really engaged in the first place, that is.

Know who’s giving us this cheeky look? Flip through and see if you’re right!