Diapers on Your Doorstep? Target Starts Free Baby Goods Delivery Service
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Diapers on Your Doorstep? Target Starts Free Baby Goods Delivery Service

What mom doesn't love Target, honestly? They've got everything we need, when we need it, usually for prices much lower than the competition. Now the retail giant is starting a genius new service, and we’re jealous, because we no longer have babies to use it!

Today reports that the Target Corporation rolled out a plan Wednesday to offer a free delivery service for 150 different bulk baby products – think diapers, formula, and baby wipes – and it’s hoping it will help make them more competitive with the likes of other retailers like Amazon Moms, who have offered this service for a while.

According to Today, since U.S. birth rates have declined so much in recent years, retailers like Amazon, Babies R Us, and yes, Target, are becoming more competitive, doing whatever they can to attract new mothers. Why the push? Target told Reuters last year that households with children spend about 20 percent more each year at Target than those without children. Given this, it’s no surprise that online delivery services for baby goods have become more popular with traditional brick-and-mortar stores recently. Wal-Mart is testing a similar program.

Can we be honest? Services like this are a godsend to moms with small babies. I remember making the trip to our local warehouse store what felt like at least once a week to pick up diapers for my twins. Having to bundle the kids up for that kind of outing was brutal in the early days, and as much as I love my spouse, having him gone for that long on a diaper run wasn’t a big help, since I really needed his extra set of hands at home. Being able to order baby stuff with the click of a button and have it waiting for me the next morning would have been heaven.

What do you think, moms? Is this a great service, or kind of unnecessary?

Source: Today

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09.26.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Teddie McCormick
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