Juan Pablo Galavis Taunting Fans About Romance With Nikki Ferrell — HOW?
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Juan Pablo Galavis

Juan Pablo Galavis Taunting Fans About Romance With Nikki Ferrell — HOW?

Has he said them or hasn’t he? That’s the big mystery surrounding Juan Pablo Galavis and the three little words he may or may not have uttered to Nikki Ferrell. Now, Juan Pablo — who was reluctant to tell Nikki at their Season 18 finale that he loved her — appears to be teasing us all with his wording choice for an Instagram caption.

Over the weekend, Us Weekly reported per an anonymous source that Juan Pablo had in fact told Nikki recently that he loves her. However, Juan Pablo told In Touch that he has not actually said the L-word yet, pointing out that “there’s no need to rush into anything.” Sigh.

So, on April 9, Juan Pablo posted a photo to Instagram of pediatric nurse Nikki at work, and his caption to the pic hints at the “love”-related confusion. “Mi Catira @nikki_ferrell LOVES her JOB and that’s ONE of the things I LOVE about her... #NikkiTheNurse,” he writes. Oh, that Juan Pablo always the prankster.

As you may know, Juan Pabs is the master of randomly capitalizing words. Indeed, his choice to capitalize “LOVES” and “LOVE” here seems to be goading the public a bit by acknowledging how badly everyone wants him to say that word to Nikki. Then again, as long as the couple is happy, we’re happy, too.

Long story short: it seems like we’ll just have to be patient which we do not LOVE to do. (And no, “patient” is not a nursing reference.)

Do you think it’s weird that Juan Pablo hasn’t yet said “I love you” to Nikki? Or is he right to take his time?

Source: Juan Pablo on Instagram