Taye Diggs Talks Magic Mike 2, The Good Wife, and a Possible Return to Shondaland — Exclusive
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Taye Diggs Talks Magic Mike 2, The Good Wife, and a Possible Return to Shondaland — Exclusive

Get ready to see a whole lot of Taye Diggs on your screens soon (not like anyone’s complaining about that...). Coming off the summer TNT crime series Murder in the First, the handsome multi-hyphenate is headed to CBS this fall in a recurring role as a lawyer on Emmy-winning hit, The Good Wife. Not to mention, his hit The Best Man films just received another sequel, which will go into production soon. And that’s not all he’s got planned…

Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with Taye on August 27 as he toured the New York Giants’ MetLife Stadium to learn more about how Duracell Quantum powers the NFL (650 batteries alone power each game!). Basically, a dream come true for the football superfan.

After chatting sports, we got the actor to dish on his upcoming gigs — including whether a Magic Mike 2 role is in the works! — and how he’s balancing it all with being a father to son Walker, who turns 5 next week. Plus, can we expect the Private Practice star to appear another Shonda Rhimes series anytime soon? Read on for all the scoop!

Taye Diggs Talks Magic Mike 2, The Good Wife, and a Possible Return to Shondaland — Exclusive
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Wetpaint Entertainment: This event with Duracell seems like a dream come true for a New York Giants superfan. What’s the most exciting thing about it for you?

Taye Diggs: It’s been excellent. I had no idea how important something so simple as Duracell Quantum batteries specifically powers the NFL. These games could literally not happen without their uses. I had no idea how important they were for being able to communicate, coaches to other coaches and coaches to teammates. Even for the national anthem to be sung — all of that is powered by batteries. Just being on that field, after loving sports from such an early age, and walking on that turf and looking up at all the seats. It was just trippy, really cool, and a fun experience. It was a rush.

We’re looking forward to seeing you on The Good Wife this season. What’s been your favorite part so far about working with that amazing cast?

Just being able to work in New York City has always been a dream of mine. The cast is amazing, and the writing is amazing. The courtroom scenes are kind of the most exciting. You get the adrenaline running, and you can really pretend that you’re actually a lawyer.

You’ve hinted at your interest in starring in the Magic Mike sequel. Any chance we’ll see this happen? We’ve seen those impressive pole dancing skills!

[Laughs] I have no idea. You’re just going to have to wait and see what happens. You know how these things are. It would be fun. I’m a big, big fan of Channing Tatum’s, and I love to dance, so we shall see.

Taye Diggs Talks Magic Mike 2, The Good Wife, and a Possible Return to Shondaland — Exclusive
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You’ve got a lot on your plate right now between TV and film roles — how do you balance all that with being a dad of a four-year-old?

My son always, always centers me — no matter how crazy things get. Whenever I have time with him, everything else kind of melts away. I never look at him as one of the things I ‘need to do.’ I always look forward to being with him because he puts everything else in perspective.

Is he a football fan as well?

He’s a dinosaur fan, so whenever we play football with him, we’ve got to pretend like the ball is a dinosaur egg and he’s running away from meat-eating dinosaurs that will eat the egg. [Laughs]

We loved you in Private Practice. Any chance we’d see you return to Shondaland (Grey's Anatomy, Scandal)?

I don’t know — we’ll see. She’s an amazing person for [whom] to work. I obviously had a great time. It was a great cast. Having the opportunity to say her words was awesome. So I hope to get to work with her in some capacity. All she has to do is just say the word.

Maybe on How to Get Away With Murder?

That would be cool. I’ve been wanting to work with Viola Davis for quite some time.

Final question: What do you imagine Sam and Naomi Bennett are doing right now?

They’re on a beach somewhere, sipping on margaritas, talking about how crazy it was at the private practice.

Tune into see Taye on The Good Wife when it premieres on September 21 at 9:30 p.m. ET on CBS.

Do you want to see Taye back on a Shonda show? Are you excited about one of his other projects? Sound off in the comments below.