Taye Diggs Speaks on Chemistry with ‘Empire’ Co-Star Taraji P. Henson — Exclusive
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Taye Diggs Speaks on Chemistry with ‘Empire’ Co-Star Taraji P. Henson — Exclusive


A veteran of both stage and screen, Taye Diggs knows a thing or two about a great performance.

In this exclusive interview with Wetpaint, the actor speaks on his onscreen chemistry with Empire costar Taraji P. Henson and how it compares to that of The Best Man leading lady, Nia Long

Taye stars as mayoral candidate Angelo DuBois, destroyed by the Lyon family while in love with the one and only Cookie Lyon.

While the relationship between Angelo and Cookie may have been doomed from the start, Taye can’t help but praise his costar’s immense talent that he only recently witnessed up-close and personal.


“I don’t know how I missed working with Taraji in this business for so long. Working with her was an experience that was unlike any other. She’s such a powerhouse, such a force.

“I learned a lot from her.  She basically is that show.”


He went on, “And then to know she had just come off a big movie [Hidden Figures], and then family and personal stuff, it’s a trip.


“You would never tell she’s as big as she is on set, and I’m looking forward to working with her again on this next season.”


Taye was also joined by his The Best Man costar Nia Long this season, and along with Terrence Howard, caused reunion talk amongst fans.


The 46-year-old actor admits he had high hopes as well, but reveals the fact of the matter is it was all just another day at the office.


“Yeah, the whole “reunion” wasn’t what people thought it was. Even I imagined all three of us doing scenes and laughing and reminiscing.

“With Nia, I only had one scene and I didn’t even speak to her, and that was it.


“That one day it was great seeing her, she was coming to set as I was leaving set and that was about it. It is fun to watch the show and realize that, once again, we’re all on the same project.”


Whispers of a behind-the-scenes quarrel between Taraji and Nia were prevalent this year, and while Taye would never speak on the pettiness, it’s clear his bond with one of them is stronger these days.

When asked to compare the onscreen chemistry he has with Taraji to that of Nia, it’s clear that Cookie takes the cake.


“They’re so different. This relationship that I have with Taraji’s character is completely different than any other relationship I’ve had onscreen.


“The character of Cookie and Taraji herself are both forces to be reckoned with, so it was very interesting playing opposite that, and very, very fun.

“The comedy that took place between the takes was fun. I can’t wait to see Taraji in a comedy where they write for as funny as she is.”


Stay tuned for part 2, where Taye breaks down his career, love of theater and the one cause he holds near and dear to his heart.