Farrah Abraham Fires Back at Taylor Armstrong: “Keep My Name Out of Your Mouth” (VIDEOS)
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Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham Fires Back at Taylor Armstrong: “Keep My Name Out of Your Mouth” (VIDEOS)

Teen Mom's Farrah Abraham has had a pretty emotional time on VH1's Couples Therapy (so much ugly-crying, so little time), and it doesn't help that all her housemates kinda-sorta-maybe-definitely hate her. Naturally, we're talking about former Real Housewife of Beverly Hills star Taylor Armstrong, who's made it clear that she thinks Farrah is a total fraud.

Taylor hit up Bethenny Frankel's talk show to chat about Farrah, saying that she got a "bad vibe" from her — especially in the wake of rumors about her phony relationship with DJ Brian Dawe.

“I don’t know whether that relationship was a sham, there was a lot of things that Farrah said and did during our time together that I think were untrue and just had a very bad vibe that a lot of the things were untrue,” Taylor said. "I was trying to mentor her in some ways and then when this sex tape and lies started to surface I felt really betrayed because I thought I could be spending my time here in this house working with people who really want the therapy.”

So far, Farrah has spent a lot of time on Couples Therapy musing about how she's a victim of her own sex tape, and Taylor seems to think there's more to the story than meets the eye.

“To me a sex tape is when someone films you having sex without your knowledge and releases it on the Internet and it happens and I feel horrible to anyone who would be subjected to that,” she said. “We know people that it has happened to and it’s life changing and then I slowly found out that the thing has a plot and a beginning and a middle and an end and that to me … But when your boyfriend is a porn star and you knowingly make a tape, the whole thing just didn’t add up.”

It's pretty clear that Farrah had a lot of creative control when it came to making her tape — in fact she hired James Deen to star in it with her. But we all know how defensive this gal gets, and she took it to Keek to slam Taylor.

"This is a show for women by women, but then we only want to take the best woman on Couples Therapy who is trying, and is hard working and doesn't lie, just doesn't really want to talk to alcoholics on the show," Farrah said. "So, thank you Taylor for saying your piece. I don't need to lie, nor do I want anything to do with you. So, thank you for talking about me on your own special, I really appreciate it. And keep my name out of your mouth."

Ball's in your court, Taylor! Do you think this housewife should have stayed quiet about Farrah, or do you think Farrah opens herself up to public scrutiny just by virtue of being on a reality show? Sound off below!

Source: Keek, RadarOnline.com