Taylor Armstrong: Brandi Glanville’s Missing Dog Is “Publicity Stunt”
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Taylor Armstrong: Brandi Glanville’s Missing Dog Is “Publicity Stunt”

It doesn't sound like Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Taylor Armstrong is going to spend much time helping Brandi Glanville search for her missing dog, Chica.

Taylor was asked by TMZ what she thought about Brandi's missing pup, and Taylor's comments were none too sympathetic.

"Oh, my god - I dont know what to think about it," Taylor says.

"It's probably another publicity stunt by Brandi Glanville, frankly," she adds.

Whoa, talk about harsh! Since when did Taylor have such issues with Brandi? Maybe something has been going on between them during the upcoming Season 4 that we don't know about?

Taylor Armstrong: Brandi Glanville’s Missing Dog Is “Publicity Stunt”
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Brandi's brown chihuahua has been missing since June 6, and Brandi has been frantic about her dog's disappearance, even offering a $10,000 reward.

Brandi says that she believes the dog was stolen from her home during a break-in.

She took to Twitter on June 8 to let people know that the dog was still missing and that she was doing everything she could to locate her.

"I hired an answering service to handle Chica's calls," Brandi wrote.

Given all that Brandi is doing to find Chica, we're not sure why Taylor would think that the dog isn't really missing.

In fact, Taylor and Brandi have never really been enemies, so it seems surprising that Taylor is suddenly being so negative about her.

Then again, maybe Taylor was just annoyed to be asked about Brandi on a rather important day of her own.

"I'm super excited to celebrate my birthday tonight at my friend's restaurant, so how about that," Taylor added to TMZ before walking into the restaurant.

Apparently, it's Taylor's party and she can call people out if she wants to.

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