How Is Taylor Halbur Coping Without Adam Lind? (PHOTO)
Credit: Taylor Halbur on Twitter    

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How Is Taylor Halbur Coping Without Adam Lind? (PHOTO)

It's been a few weeks since Teen Mom 2's most notorious baby daddy, Adam Lind, broke up with his newest baby mama, Taylor Halbur, and we're happy to report that Taylor seems to be doing amazingly well now that she's single!

How Is Taylor Halbur Coping Without Adam Lind? (PHOTO)
Credit: Taylor Halbur on Instagram    

Adam has quite a track record when it comes to breaking hearts, and most of his lady friends seem to have a hard time resisting his charm. Look at Teen Mom 2's Chelsea Houska — we can't even count the number of times she and Adam have broken up and gotten back together. In fact, even Taylor and Adam have a few makeups and breakups under their belt, but it looks like Taylor is doing just fine without her man.

While this gal has stayed pretty quiet about her breakup with Adam (aside from quickly taking it to Twitter to shut down reports that she's drinking and partying), she's all over social media with cute photos of herself and her daughter, Paislee. Adam and Taylor are reportedly sharing time with their darling daughter, and judging from a recent picture of Paislee and her momma, Taylor is happier than ever!

"Wouldn't want my night to end any other way," Taylor posted to Instagram along with a photo of herself and Paislee snuggling in bed.

Hm, looks like Taylor is sending a message loud and clear: no scrubs. (Note from ‘90s band TLC: A scrub is a guy who thinks he's fly and is also known as a buster.)

Do you think Taylor and Paislee are better off without Adam, or do you think this dude will worm his way back into his baby mama's heart? Let us know below!