Taylor Halbur Feels Like She Never Sees Paislee Anymore — Why?
Credit: Taylor Halbur on Twitter    

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Taylor Halbur Feels Like She Never Sees Paislee Anymore — Why?

Teen Mom 2 sidekick Taylor Halbur is livin' la vida loca as a singleton — but raising a child alone ain't easy. Ever since Taylor broke up with her baby daddy, Adam Lind, she's taken on the lion's share of responsibility when it comes to raising their daughter, Paislee.

This means means she's responsible for changing Paislee's diapers, showering her with attention, paying bills, and putting food on the table. Unfortunately, this also means Taylor barely ever gets to see her kiddo, thanks to the grueling work schedule she has to maintain to make ends meet!

"Feel like I never see my baby anymore," Taylor forlornly tweeted. "These last few weeks have been so crazy. Work today wed -fri bach party on Sat and work sun."

Last time we checked, Taylor worked a 9-5 shift at Massage Envy and also grabbed occasional shifts at Wiley's Tavern in Sioux Falls. Her schedule is definitely jam packed! So, who takes care of baby Paislee while Taylor's occupied?

Not Adam, that's for sure! While this dude sees his daughter on occasion, he recently told fans on his now-defunct Instagram that he hadn't had the pleasure of visiting Paislee since Father's Day, which means this cutie is most likely being cared for by Taylor's family.

And while it's sad that Taylor isn't able to spend more time with Paislee, at least she'll grow up knowing how hard her mommy worked to provide for her.

Are you impressed that Taylor is going at it alone to make ends meet? Hopefully this hardworking momma will get a break and enjoy some bonding time with her kiddo!