Is Taylor Halbur Buying a House? (PHOTO)
Credit: Taylor Halbur on Twitter    

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Is Taylor Halbur Buying a House? (PHOTO)

Taylor Halbur is making some major life changes, y'all! Ever since this Teen Mom 2 side kick broke up with Adam Lind for good (though lord knows they'll get back together any day now), she's had a new lease on life.

Is Taylor Halbur Buying a House? (PHOTO)
Credit: Taylor Halbur on Instagram    

Not only has Taylor started going to the gym, she dyed her hair blonde, and she's even looking to move out of the apartment she shared with Adam!

This gal likes to keep her private life on the down low, but she did take to Instagram with a picture of a gorgeous cabin in the woods. The caption? "Love this place. No filter. Maybe soon to be new home??"

Yep, girlfriend is house hunting! Not to be confused with starring on our favorite show, House Hunters. From the looks of this photo, Taylor has great taste, and she definitely needs more space now that her daughter, Paislee, is growing up.

This little lady needs room to crawl around and play, and it looks like Taylor is all about finding a dream home to raise her daughter in!

The real question? Will Taylor let Adam crash at her new pad once he comes crawling back into her arms? Let us know what you think in the comments, guys!