Taylor Halbur Tweets About Adam Lind: “Enough Is Enough”
Credit: Adam Lind on Instagram    

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Taylor Halbur Tweets About Adam Lind: “Enough Is Enough”

Keeping up with Taylor Halbur and Adam Lind's relationship is even harder than Keeping Up with the Kardashians. These Teen Mom 2 lovebirds are constantly breaking up and getting back together, but their 'ship has been steadily sinking ever since Adam was arrested for getting into a fiery accident a few months back.

First, Adam and Taylor broke up thanks to her alleged partying (and promptly got back together), then they broke up again thanks to Adam's alleged cheating (and promptly got back together), and now? Now it looks like these two are once again at Splitsville Station.

While Taylor and Adam don't like to comment on their personal lives, they're huge fans of sub-tweeting, which is basically an art form. The amount of shade that Taylor is able to throw without actually naming Adam's name is truly impressive, and this weekend, she took to Twitter to make her feelings about their relationship public.

"This was the last time I ever let you make a fool of me," Taylor tweeted to no one in particular on June 1. She also followed this bad boy up with an inspiring quote ("Cry over cuts and stitches not bastards and bitches”), and the caption, "Enough is enough. #ontothenext."

It seems pretty obvious that Taylor is not-to-subtly referring to her relationship with Adam, and it seems as though they're officially over. Sadly, these lovebirds have a child together, but the good news is they're all about co-parenting, which means both Adam and Taylor will work together to raise their daughter, Paislee.

Are you surprised that Team Adlor are once again dunzo? And more importantly, how long do you think they'll stay apart before getting back together?