Taylor Kitsch Did WHAT To His Hair? You’ve Gotta See It!
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Taylor Kitsch Did WHAT To His Hair? You’ve Gotta See It!

Few hunks stop our hearts beating quite like Taylor Kitsch. Seriously, if the action star and former Friday Night Lights hottie said something as benign to us as “I like yellow” we’d faint into our Tastee Freez and nothing but a photo of his abs could resuscitate us. Of course, said photo would promptly make us pass out again, but it would be into a deep, blissful sleep filled with visions of the shirtless Canadian doing sit ups for our private viewing pleasure. Sigh, faint, sigh, faint, drool. You get it.

But Jimmy Fallon revealed a Taylor from days past that even we’re not sure we can get behind. On The Tonight Show, the funnyman trotted out a photo of Taylor pre-fame with, wait for it, frosted tips. Taylor stopped our hearts again, but not in the good way.

Mr. Sex Symbol went on to explain that the tips were self induced, aka, the result of a “home frost”. Apparently back in the day he and his friends used to get together and frost each other’s hair. Ok, we’re back in the Taylor fan pool. Group frost with your bros? That’s kind of freaking adorable.

Taylor Kitsch Did WHAT To His Hair? You’ve Gotta See It!
Credit: The Tonight Show    

While it’s not our favorite Taylor look (you can scroll through his best ones here), we have seen the 32-year-old actor go blonde before. Hottie McHotterson recently poured a bottle of peroxide over his locks for the film The Normal Heart, and while it’s not great it does beat the Frosted Flakes style of his youth. Of course, his home bleaching phase was in the early ‘90s, so maybe our 14-year-old selves would have swooned in our one-strap overalls and worn Taylor’s letterman jacket with pride. Who are we kidding, we would have killed to be the Kelly Kapowski to his Zack Morris.

What do you think of teen Taylor’s frosty do? Cute for a ‘90s kid, or burn that photo before anyone else sees it?

Source: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

05.15.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Rachel Evans
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