Taylor Momsen: From Cindy Lou Who to Goth Girl — See Her Shocking Transformation!
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Taylor Momsen: From Cindy Lou Who to Goth Girl — See Her Shocking Transformation!

Time can change everything — that’s a given. One of the greatest examples of this tried and true statement is none other than former Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen, who has definitely changed in the 15 years since How the Grinch Stole Christmas debuted and gifted us Cindy Lou Who.

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Back in 2000, when the Christmas classic debuted, an adorable 7-year-old graced the big screen and gave us the most fabulous pretzel-shaped hairdo we’ve ever seen (really!). Taylor played Cindy in the live-action remake of Dr. Seuss’s beloved tale of a mean green creature growing a heart when he decides to not destroy Christmas. Taylor’s character was the sweet little girl who shows the Grinch the error of his ways and convinces him to give back all the presents and decorations he stole in an effort to ruin the holidays for Whoville. Basically, she was a goody two-shoes.

Fast-forward seven years to New York City’s Upper East Side, where Taylor now embodied wannabe-popular kid Jenny Humphrey. Jenny was kind of lame and wanted to take down Queen Bee Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) and her posse of mean girls. Over the course of the show, however, Taylor transformed her character into a rebellious goth girl who was all about herself. After becoming what she had originally set out to destroy (read: a devilish princess), Jenny eventually went MIA around the middle of Season 4 and didn’t return until the series finale.

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But Taylor has fully-embraced the grunge look in real life as well, caking on eyeliner whenever she steps out for an event. Oh, and let’s not forget that she channels Courtney Love on the reg with her rock band The Pretty Reckless.

Who could have guessed that little Cindy Lou Who would turn out to be such a little punk?