Newly-Engaged ‘BIP’ Couple Taylor Nolan & Derek Peth Detail Baby Plans
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Bachelor in Paradise

Newly-Engaged ‘BIP’ Couple Taylor Nolan & Derek Peth Detail Baby Plans


It’s never too soon to start talking babies — at least within Bachelor Nation!

After all, Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert got pregnant just over a year after they tied the knot, and Carly Waddell and Evan Bass found out they were expecting the week of their wedding.

So will their Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 successors follow suit?

In the BIP “live” finale show — which was actually filmed August 30 — fans watched as Derek Peth and Taylor Nolan got engaged in a sweet proposal.

Judging by the $60K Neil Lane ring and their packed engagement party afterwards, these two are very serious about their plans to tie the knot.

And once the two do get married, they will definitely be starting a family together.

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“We are going to take our time, we are in no rush, but we would make beautiful babies as long as they have his eyeballs; he has really pretty eyes,” Taylor tells

Derek adds, “I don’t know what they will look like, we are both kinda mixed, so it will be fun.”

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For now, they’re just figuring out where they’re going to live — with the groom-to-be hailing from Iowa, and his future bride from Seattle.

“He came to Seattle with me and ended up being in Seattle for about three weeks actually. It was a long time,” the 24-year-old beauty revealed this week.

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“We’ve spent a lot of time together. Sometimes too much!” he chimed in.

Still, her fiancé hasn’t moved in just yet — and they aim to keep it that way for now.

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The mental health counselor detailed, “We also want to have that normal romance that might seem a little boring like going over to your boyfriend’s house, we haven’t really had that. So we want to hold off on living with each other for a while.”

“We’re trying to maintain the romance as much as we can,” he noted.

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Once they’ve squared that away, it will be time to think wedding details, and they’ve already started thinking about one part of that: whether it will be on TV.

“It’s something we’re open-minded about,” the 30-year-old hunk shared.

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Something tells us this will be happening… on BIP next summer!