See Taylor Nolan’s Stunning 2-Carat Ring From Derek Peth — Plus, Wedding Plans!
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Bachelor in Paradise

See Taylor Nolan’s Stunning 2-Carat Ring From Derek Peth — Plus, Wedding Plans!


Against all odds, Bachelor in Paradise has done it again — they’ve created a legitimate, engaged couple!

In last night’s (September 11) “live” finale show — which was actually filmed August 30 — fans watched as Derek Peth and Taylor Nolan got engaged in a sweet proposal.

And now the couple is sharing both wedding plans and a close-up look at that $60K Neil Lane ring!

Though Bachelor Nation was only a little bit surprised by Season 4’s strongest couple making things official, it didn’t take away from the romance of the special moment.

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All of their franchise friends looked on in awe as Derek got down on one knee in front of the studio audience, professing his love for the 24-year-old beauty.

“You have such a big heart and you are absolutely stunningly beautiful,” he said, pulling her to her feet.

He continued, “Taylor, I love you. I choose to love you in this minute, this hour, this day, and every day from here on out. Will you marry me?”

She said yes, of course, and the 30-year-old hunk placed a sparkly 2-carat Neil Lane on her finger.

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A great choice, if you ask us, but according to Neil himself, the groom-to-be wasn’t that involved in the choosing process!

“I did not actually meet with Derek, so it was important for me to better understand him and his personality – and of course Taylor’s as well,” Neil Lane tells People, adding that he got his ideas from chatting with producers.

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“What I gathered was that he was more traditional yet he also liked the idea of a romantic ring.”

Ultimately, the decision was between a vintage-inspired rose gold ring and a classic platinum ring set with a center round diamond.

The Bachelorette alum opted for the latter, which also features two trapezoid and two tapered baguette-cut diamonds.

“Derek really liked that it felt more traditional and classic, but still had a mid-century vibe,” he concluded.

Taylor apparently “loved it,” and the two are clearly over the moon about their engagement in their first post-proposal interview.

Speaking with People, the couple opens up about their life after the show, which has mostly taken place in her native Seattle after he followed her there.

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“He came to Seattle with me and ended up being in Seattle for about three weeks actually. It was a long time,” she tells the mag.

“We’ve spent a lot of time together. Sometimes too much!” he chimes in.

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That’s seemingly changed for the better recently, though, as Tay claims they’ve “gotten better about incorporating space into our relationship.”

That said, Derek doesn’t plan on officially making Seattle home just yet.

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The counselor details, “We also want to have that normal romance that might seem a little boring like going over to your boyfriend’s house, we haven’t really had that. So we want to hold off on living with each other for a while.”

“We’re trying to maintain the romance as much as we can,” the Iowa fella notes.

“Evan [Bass] told me just be with her, be with each other and don’t get too far engaged in what other people think. That was the best advice.”

After they do settle in a bit, though, they’ll be ready to start planning their nuptials — potentially on TV!

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“It’s something we’re open-minded about,” Derek details.

Fingers crossed it’s next summer on BIP Season 5!