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Orange Is the New Black’s Taylor Schilling: See What She Looked Like in High School!

Taylor Schilling’s rise to fame seemed to have happened overnight. After landing her first film role in 2007, the 29-year-old star quickly nabbed the lead in NBC’s Mercy, followed by roles in Argo and the Netflix hit Orange Is the New Black.

Taylor’s success doesn’t just seem to have happened overnight, it practically has! Just 11 ago, Taylor was nothing more than a plucky teenager growing up outside Boston, Massachusetts. The bright lights of Hollywood couldn’t have seemed farther away, but clearly they were closer than anyone expected!

We recently got our hands on Taylor’s senior yearbook photo from 2002. The then-brunette looks fresh-faced and adorable as she poses for her senior photo at Wayland High School.

Click through to see what Taylor Schilling looked like as a teen — and don't miss the second season of Orange Is the New Black when it premieres on Friday, June 6!