Taylor Swift Tells Harry Styles, One Direction to Shut The Eff Up
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Taylor Swift Tells Harry Styles, One Direction to Shut The Eff Up

Oh Taylor Swift. Girl is getting all kinds of flack for dropping a little F bomb on ex Harry Styles at the MTV Video Music Awards on August 25, and we feel her pain.

Look we’ve all been there with our exes: We get all dressed up to show off our post-breakup bod, get our hair did, find the perfect shade of red lipstick that doesn’t make our teeth look yellow, and grab our similarly glam bestie. But then, there you are, sitting in the most visible seat in the house when your ex takes the stage in skinny jeans with his brosefs, and we can’t help but be like “Shut the f--k up.” Just like Tay-Tay.

When One Direction took the stage to give away the Best Pop Video award, Tay turned to pal Selena Gomez — who received said prize a couple minutes later — and said that fateful directive, the one we’ve all wanted to say when our ex’s hair looks better than ours. And even more hilarious than the fact that the camera panned to her at just that moment? Selena’s non-committal response phase. Good on ya, SG.

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Taylor and Harry had a rumored fling in 2012, and dated outright from November 2012 to January 2013, with things ending less than prettily. When Swifty accepted her award for Best Female Video for “I Knew You Were Trouble” later in the show, she seemed to be referencing him as the inspiration for the song.

You’d think with a few million dollars made off of that song, and seven months in the rearview mirror, she’d be over it. But we get it, Tay. It’s the principle of the thing: Sometimes, you just have to tell your best friend you wish your ex would disappear.

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