Selena Gomez

Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez Breaking Up Over Justin Bieber? (VIDEO)

Could Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber’s reunion have led to another famous couple breaking up? That’s what we’re hearing and sadly, it sounds like Taylor Swift’s the one left out in the cold.

TayTay, of course, is one of Selena’s most famous gal pals. They’ve attended awards shows on one another’s arm, sipped tea and FaceTimed together with fellow pop idol Demi Lovato, and even played matchmaker. Or at least Taylor has. She supposedly set Selena up on One Direction’s Niall Horan despite her own rough trip down 1D Lane.

Not that Selena’s on the market any longer. In news that at this point we’re sure everyone has heard whether they wanted to or not, Selena looks to be back with ex-boyfriend Justin. While neither party has officially confirmed Jelena’s an item once again, how many steamy dance sessions caught on camera do we really need as proof?

Dirty dancing aside, Taylor’s not having any of it. In fact, Biebs might have broken up the band. Selena and Tay are said to be on the outs following Selena’s latest dating choice, but it’s a previous romance that supposedly really has Taylor in fits. A source tells ClevverTV that Taylor “believes [Selena] used a brief romance with …[Taylor’s friend] Ed Sheeran to make Justin jealous.”

Whatever the status of these two ladies (and we really hope it’s not as icy as it seems) there’s no denying we haven't seen photographic proof of their friendship in weeks. This despite the fact both attended the same lavish Oscars after-party. Justin Bieber, what have you done?!