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Taylor Swift Performs “Smelly Cat” With ‘Friends’ Star Lisa Kudrow (VIDEO)


Taylor Swift has been doing a consistent job of making fans envious of her thanks to all the cool celebs she’s had join her on stage during her 1989 world tour. However, the “Bad Blood” singer literally made history last night by singing the song “Smelly Cat” with none other than Friends star Lisa Kudrow.


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For those of you who have been hiding under a rock for the last 20 years, “Smelly Cat” was the iconic song from the NBC hit show sung by Lisa as her on-screen persona (and everyone’s lovable hippie) Phoebe Buffay.


Take a look at Taylor and Lisa’s duet below!

What makes this collaboration all the more better? The fact the two ladies decided to perform the song in its original off-key format with no embellishments or modernization.

Unlike this version (sung by E.G. Daly), which totally removed all the soul and spirit of the tune.

Phoebe Lisa then took to Twitter after her stage performance to say the following:

Thank you Taylor (and Phoebe) for bringing us back to the ‘90s. Now excuse us while we go watch the Friends box set (again).