Taylor Swift’s ‘Reputation’ Will Drop on Anniversary of Kanye West’s Mom’s Death
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Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s ‘Reputation’ Will Drop on Anniversary of Kanye West’s Mom’s Death


Could Taylor Swift really be this cold-blooded?

We knew already the songstress wasn’t afraid to pull punches with her enemies — just look at the brutal lyrics in her new single, “Look What You Made Me Do.”

But a closer look at the release date of her upcoming album Reputation proves she might be willing to take things to a whole other level when it comes to getting back at her enemies.

Timing seems to be everything with Taylor, who just announced she’ll be dropping the video for her diss track single at Sunday’s 2017 MTV VMAs — hosted by one of her enemies, Katy Perry.

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That sort of upstaging is nothing compared to what she’s doing to her other foe, Kanye West, who already received a verbal beatdown in the lyrics of the tune.

"I don't like your little games/ Don't like your tilted stage/ The role you made me play/ Of the fool/ No, I don't like you,” she sings, referring to the “tilted stage” Kanye had during his Saint Pablo tour in 2016.

She follows that up with a reference to the now-infamous call between her and the hip hop star, which was secretly taped by Kim Kardashian.

“I’m sorry, the old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now. Why? Oh, because she’s dead,”” she sings.

This sort of lyrical sparring is par for the course when it comes to these two, but when the 27-year-old pop star’s album drops is a different story.

As TMZ points out, Reputation is set to hit shelves on November 10 — an ideal time if you want that end-of-the-year holiday hit.

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However, that Friday is also exactly 10 years to the day that Kanye’s mom, Donda West, died from complications from cosmetic surgery. Yikes.

While this could be just a coincidence, it’s hard for fans to overlook, considering how hard the rapper took his mother’s passing.

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After all, he was raised by her as a single mother and the two were quite close. In fact, just last year, he had a breakdown that coincided with the death anniversary.

A source at the “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” singer’s label claims there’s no ill will behind this choice of date.

“[The date was chosen] based on other Universal Music Group releases. There is no correlation,” the insider claims.

Still, we imagine the hip hop star won’t see it that way — and neither will his fans.

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Then again, it seems like T Swift has no issues burning bridges these days, so she’ll probably ignore it anyway!