Taylor Swift’s “Out of the Woods” Dress Is Identical to Harry Styles Breakup Dress
Credit: Taylor Swift on YouTube    

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s “Out of the Woods” Dress Is Identical to Harry Styles Breakup Dress


While Harry Styles was getting frisky with Kendall Jenner on a yacht, his former flame Taylor Swift was debuting a music video that was definitely about him.

You don’t even need to parse through the “Out of the Woods” lyrics to find the musician’s secret nod to her ex, all you have to do is look at her dress.

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Much of the Grammy-winner’s new clip focuses on her beautiful, blue frock being completely ruined. It’s torn, frayed, bitten by wolves, and submerged in mud.  

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Tay, 25, just so happened to be wearing an identical azure dress on the day her ex-beau reportedly broke up with her back in 2013 by abandoning her on a boat.

Remember when a Red era T. Swift was sitting by herself on a yacht — what is it with the One Direction singer and yachts?! — looking like the loneliest pop star in the world? Her hands clasped and shoulders slumped? There was no dreamy boy bander to found.

Well we guess that’s why Taylor completely obliterated the embarrassing moment in the most public way possible. Now it'll forever be remembered for her triumph against the elements — not when a guy five years her junior ditched her in front of photogs.

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She lost him, but she found herself… and a much cooler, sexier dress.