Taylor Swift Is the Richest Star Under 25 — She’s Worth HOW MUCH?!
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Taylor Swift Is the Richest Star Under 25 — She’s Worth HOW MUCH?!

These days it seems like Hollywood’s hottest stars are getting younger and younger. Ariana Grande? Just turned 21. Iggy Azalea? Twenty-four as of June 7. Justin Bieber? Twenty going on twelve.

With competition like this, which young star reigns supreme when it comes to making the moolah? Here’s a clue: It’s unlikely she’ll ever be in the Red.

That’s right. Taylor Swift is the star under 25 with the most zeroes on her paycheck (in case that photo up above didn’t give it away). The New York Post’s Page Six claims the 24-year-old has got an estimated net worth of about $200 million. More than a quarter of that came in just this past year alone, putting her $50 million ahead of 2013’s twerking darling, Miley Cyrus, and making her nearly $120 million richer than the Biebs.

TayTay’s making it rain thanks to touring and record sales in addition to a little dabbling in real estate and a smattering of endorsement deals. No wonder she always looks so happy in her jaunts around her new home base of NYC! This girl’s got no “Trouble”t at the bank (OK, we’ll stop now).

Are you surprised by the results? Figured it was T.Swift? Hit the comments and tell us who you think might top this list next year.

Source: New York Post