Taylor Swift Set Selena Gomez Up With One Direction’s Niall Horan — Report
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Selena Gomez

Taylor Swift Set Selena Gomez Up With One Direction’s Niall Horan — Report

Taylor Swift is quite a matchmaker for Selena Gomez these days — well, maybe. Rumor has it that she set her up with adorable pop sensation Austin Mahone (although the rumor that those two are dating was quickly shot down) and this time, it’s been reported that Taylor is totally the reason Selena and One Direction member Niall Horan are hanging out.

According to Hollywood Life, Taylor’s most recent match for her BFF is an effort to distract her from her troublemaking ex, Justin Bieber… and if this report is true, Taylor’s not wrong. Going on a date with Niall would distract us from a lot of things.

“Selena has been having such a hard time moving on from Justin, and Taylor hates seeing her sad,” a source close to the potential couple said. “She’s been trying to set her up with a bunch of different guys but Niall was the only one so far that Selena got excited about.”

If this tidbit of romantic intel is true, it would totally explain the recent thing with Austin — and why it was struck down so quickly. Just saying!

A different source has also mentioned to Hollywood Life that Justin is not going to be pleased when he finds out what’s going on… and since Justin’s so active online, we’ve got a feeling that has already happened. “One thing he will not like is when he finds out that Taylor Swift set this all up because he hates her with a passion,” the source said. “She has always been the problem when it comes to the success or failure of his relationship with Selena.”

Uh oh, Justin’s not happy? Watch out, Taylor — he might challenge you to a drag race for Selena’s affections! But, um, we’re pretty sure the actual problem in his relationship with Selena has more to do with how often he finds himself in an orange jumpsuit and less to do with whether or not her friends like him. Why can’t we all just get along? Remember when Taylor and Justin were pranking each other on the celebrity-infused version of Punk’d?

Whether or not Selena and Niall are actually a thing has yet to be confirmed, but if it’s true, we wish them all the best. And yes, we’ll admit it: That is a tinge of jealousy you sensed.

Source: Hollywood Life