Credit: Getty Images Photo: Taylor Swift at the 2013 American Music Awards on November 24, 2013

Taylor Swift may never be royal, but she totally looked like one Tuesday night when she attended the Winter Whites Gala at Kensington Palace.

Benefitting Will’s charity for homeless youth, Centrepoint, the gala featured many celebrity guest appearances besides Taylor’s, like Jon Bon Jovi, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Colin Firth.

“It’s positively magical here,” Taylor said of the event, according to People. “There are fairy lights and there is fake snow falling from the sky and everything is just gorgeous. I am just very lucky to be here.”

Considering how elaborate Taylor’s sets can get when she’s on tour, we know a compliment on something like atmosphere goes a long way coming from this girl.

Best of all? Not only did Taylor perform at the gala herself, but she also jumped on stage with Bon Jovi — and brought Prince William with her to sing along to “Livin’ On a Prayer.” How could they not have broadcast this on TV anywhere? This stuff is gold!

But we can’t be too upset about missing out, since Taylor did her best to keep us updated on Instagram, including this hilarious picture of the Taylor Swift/Bon Jovi/Prince William trio’s debut.

“I am so excited,” Taylor said before taking the stage for her own performance. “I don’t think I have ever played in a palace before, so it will be really wonderful. This evening is so special — it is for a charity that as well as being very important to Prince William is also very important to me.”

Source: People, Instagram

Credit: Instagram Photo: Taylor Swift with Bon Jovi and Prince William