Credit: Instagram

I don't know about you, but Taylor Swift is feelin' 22 24.

The pop star just turned 24 on Friday, December 13 and celebrated with a garden party in Melbourne, Australia, where she's performing on her Red tour.

Credit: Instagram

Taylor thanked fans for their birthday wishes, and shared a series of b-day photos on Instagram. She also tweeted that it was "The best birthday I've ever had."

(Last year she celebrated her 23rd b-day in England with then-boyfriend Harry Styles.)

If you look closely at the photos, you may recognize that mane of curly brown hair. Yep, it's Lorde! From "feud" to friends.

Check Tay's Instagram for many more photos of the balloons, flowers and other pretty things from the party. It's like a perfume ad.

Happy birthday, girl!

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