Credit: Instagram Photo: Taylor Swift Shows Off Christmas Onesie on Christmas Eve, 2013

Just because you're rich and famous doesn't mean you can't be a total cheeseball — especially when hanging out with family at the holidays.

Taylor Swift, 24, and her younger brother Austin have been tweeting about their family Christmas, watching home movies with family and reliving their childhood. Taylor even shared a video of herself at 4-years-old, talking to her friend on the phone.

Apparently Taylor also gave Austin a great gift — to him, anyway — with this embroidery, featuring a Gary Busey quote. As Austin wrote with the pic, "@taylorswift13 immortalized a quote from one of my heroes in the best early Christmas present ever." (Do you think she made that herself? Woman of many talents!)

And on Christmas Eve, Taylor shared the PJ photo show, writing, "Matching Christmas onesies is a thing that's happening right now."

It's a very cute thing happening right now! Love their hats, too, especially Taylor's. She should wear this exact outfit at her next concert. (It fits with the Red theme.) If anyone could turn plaid lumberjack onesies into a thing...

Would you wear this Christmas onesie, if someone got it for you?

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