Credit: Instagram Photo: Taylor Swift and Sarah Hyland on New Year's Eve 2013

While there are a lot of ways we wish we could have brought in the new year, celebrating at the party at Taylor Swift’s Los Angeles home is definitely at the top of our list.

Tuesday night, Taylor invited some of her closest friends over — including Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland and her longtime boyfriend, Matt Prokop — to ring in 2014. And lucky for us, selfies were encouraged at this party.

Taylor posted a photo with Sarah on Instagram, posing in pretty dresses and, of course, red lipstick.

“RINGING IN 2014,” Taylor wrote.

Later, Sarah posted a photo of her own from their festivities — and Sarah and Taylor were totally photobombed by Taylor’s cat, Meredith, who is also known as one of the most adorable cats in existence.

“New years with the best of the best,” Sarah said. “I look scared… I think I should be.”

Taylor’s best friend from high school (and the subject of her 2008 song, Fifteen), Abigail, was also on hand at the party and helped Taylor recreate a photo the pals had taken way back when. Too cute!

So what else might be included in a TSwift holiday get-together? We’re hoping a lot of cookie baking, a little champagne, a little craft project of some kind, and maybe even a Law and Order marathon, if we know our girl Taylor as well as we think we do.

Source: Instagram

Credit: Instagram Photo: Taylor Swift, Sarah Hyland, and Meredith