Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images Photo: Taylor Swift Hits the Presents Early

Yesterday, most celebs were worried about whether or not they’d collect a People’s Choice Award at last night’s show, but not Taylor Swift. Nope, she was just excited that she finally received her VMA award, which she won last August for her music video for “I Knew You Were Trouble.”

Since Taylor wasn’t able to make it to the awards, MTV sent her iconic moon man award via mail — and she captured the unboxing of her shiny new trophy on Instagram so she could share the moment with us!

“What’s this that came in the mail?” Taylor says before she opens her award. “Ooh!”

And then, she almost breaks the award when she tries to see if the MTV flag the astronaut’s holding can actually move.

“Check it out,” she says, moving the camera closer to the award just in time for everyone watching to see her almost break it. “Did I break it? Oh God. It’s fine.”

Next up, Sunday’s Golden Globes — Taylor’s nominated for Best Original Song, thanks to the song, “Sweeter Than Fiction,” that she penned with Fun guitarist (and boyfriend to Tay’s pal, Lena Dunham), Jack Antonoff for the movie, One Chance.

Good luck, Taylor. If you win, don't break this one! 

Source: Instagram