Credit: Instagram Photo: Taylor Swift and Sarah Hyland at Golden Globes After Party

Taylor Swift might not have won the Golden Globe for Best Original Song she was nominated for last night, but in the after party category, she definitely comes in on top.

Taylor and longtime pal Sarah Hyland hit the dance floor together with friends like Hailee Steinfeld and Jaime King after the awards — and Sarah admitted that it was what she looked forward to most about the night.

On the red carpet, Sarah told E! News she was super excited to “dance and party the night away” with Taylor.

“She’s a close friend of mine,” Sarah added. “I love her … hopefully we’ll be able to meet up.”

Looks like Sarah’s wish came true, according to the hilarious Instagram photo she posted last night — and the video posted by Jaime of the group dancing to Missy Elliot’s “Work It.”

Sarah and Taylor also celebrated the New Year together earlier this month at a party at Taylor’s Los Angeles home — and there are plenty more Instagram photos to prove it. Are they the cutest BFFs ever or what?

We could have only been happier if Jennifer Lawrence was dancing with their group — we’ve got a feeling she’s got some pretty sweet moves. Besides, now that we know she and Taylor are friends, we’re really looking forward to their next play date. Taylor, please try to teach Jennifer how to bake — and Instagram the whole thing.

Source: E! Online, Instagram, Instagram