Taylor Swift knew Justin Bieber was trouble when he walked in  and it now appears she's putting her foot down as Selena Gomez gives him yet another chance.

T-Swift and SelGo are besties, but Taylor reportedly hates the Biebs so much that she plans to stop talking to Selena unless she dumps Justin, according to Hollywood Life. That's quite the ultimatum!

"[Taylor] is already aware of them getting together and hates the latest developments with Selena and Justin," a source says. "She finds Justin to be one of the worst people she has ever met. She hates him and hates that he has this control over Selena." Strong words.

"She has tried over and over to tell Selena he is awful for her, and she doesn’t listen," the insider adds. "So now she is going to give the ultimatum to Selena by the end of the weekend — friendship or Justin!"

Taylor has indeed made her disdain for Justin clear in the past, famously sticking out her tongue at an event when Justin said hi to Selena. But now, with Justin and Selena having been spotted kissing at a restaurant in Texas this weekend, Tay has clearly had enough.

Do you think Taylor should mind her own business? Or is she right to intervene?

Source: Hollywood Life