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While we know our girl Taylor Swift is a gal of many talents, we never knew her to be a lady of many looks — she rocks that girl-next-door blonde with red lipstick almost exclusively these days. So we did a double-take when we saw Taylor's face on a new poster for The Giver. Not only is she a brunette, but her fresh-faced, super-serious look renders her nearly unrecognizable!

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Fans of the Lois Lowry novel the upcoming film is based on know what the tagline on the poster, "The Truth Lies In Her Past," means: T.Swift plays Rosemary, who, at least in the classic young adult novel, is a girl who disappears from the utopian community at the center of the story. Without giving too much away, her story is a sore subject for those who remember.

In fact, Rosemary's name and identity aren't even revealed until over halfway through, so Taylor seems like a strange casting choice. We thought maybe her identity would stay mysterious, but the character having her own poster would indicate either a dramatic departure from the book, with a much more involved role for Rosemary, or just more visual cues while her story is being revealed. The latter would certainly make sense with adapting the tale to a visual medium, but still, color (no pun intended!) us skeptical. (While we're griping like cranky people, where's her red hair? And Jonas's light-colored eyes?)

Adaptation issues aside, it's nice to see Swifty's gorgeous face try on a new look, and we're excited to see Taylor's dramatic chops when The Giver hits theaters on August 15.

What do you think of Taylor's dramatic look in The Giver? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Credit: AOL Photo: Taylor Swift's First The Giver Character Poster Revealed (VIDEO)