Taylor Swift Makes Fun Of Herself and Her Dating History (VIDEO)

Credit: NDN

It’s a good thing Taylor Swift has a sense of humor and countless concerts and promotional appearances to keep herself busy, because, if she didn’t, it seems as though it wouldn't be too hard for the unlucky-in-love star to drown in a pool of her own tears.

It seems that a little bit of time being single — and a lot of bad relationships that are now a thing of the past — have given the star some much-needed perspective on all that hit-fueling heartbreak, which she’s now channeling into a new medium: humor.

In a new promo video for the Academy of Country Music Awards, Tay-Tay pokes fun at her messy relationship history, counseling a friend on taking things slow in a relationship and how to ditch a guy who’s clearly a dud.

Discussing another couple’s trip to Italy, which Taylor describes to the pal as “a big jump,” Taylor jokes, “That’s a little fast — and I’m saying that.”

As for keeping sketchballs at bay, Taylor gives her friend some important advice on how to resist the urge to pick up with scary suitors keep calling.

“You need to put his name in your phone as a weird word that is unattractive,” says Taylor. “Like ‘grundle.’”

So that’s how she got over Harry Styles.

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