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Kanye West

Kanye West Could Be Your Next Professor — Yeezy Teaches Fashion! (VIDEO)

That's right, college students. You may sit down at your next lecture to find Kanye West sharing his fashion knowledge at the podium — if you're a fashion student in Los Angeles, that is.

According to TMZ, the famous rapper is teaching fashion classes at local schools, including Trade Technical College. Yeezy, we mean, Professor Yeezy, reportedly held three seminars over the past two months. What he chatted about? According to one student's Instagram, he discussed "the business of fashion and his personal experience within the fashion industry." She added, "This is so dope!" Took the words right out of our mouths!

But don't worry, Kanye music fans. This performer doesn't seem to be transitioning into a full-time teacher any time soon. Teaching classes is part of the artist's 250 hours of community service — a plea deal he made with the court in March after assaulting a paparazzo. Kim Kardashian's hubby is also on 24 months of informal probation.

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