Teacher Taken to Task For Writing Grades on Student’s Foreheads
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Teacher Taken to Task For Writing Grades on Student’s Foreheads

Talk about learning a lesson! A Houston elementary school teacher is in hot water because he has apparently been writing insulting notes and student’s grades in marker on their foreheads.

Local news affiliate WRCB TV Chattanooga reports that Richard Jimenez, the father of an 8-year-old boy who attends second grade at Thurgood Marshall Elementary School, said his son came home with a “B” written on his forehead. The father says his son’s teacher was apparently trying to punish the student for not finishing his homework in class.

Understandably angry, Jimenez told WRCB, "For me, he does not have any professionalism or ethics at all," adding, "I do not understand how he can continue being a teacher." The father claims that this is not a one-time occurrence, and that several other parents have complained about similar treatment of their children by the same teacher. Jimenez said he’s even got a list of the other students involved.

The school district says that they investigated the teacher’s actions and have asked him to stop the practice as part of a disciplinary action. For his part, Jimenez says he’s encouraging his son to be successful in school, and to move on from the incident.

If somebody wrote on my kid’s forehead, I’d be at their school demanding something a bit stronger. In the meantime, let’s hope this teacher enjoys a taste of his own public shaming medicine!

Source: WRCB-TV Chattanooga

11.15.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Teddie McCormick
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