Dancing With the Stars 2014: Are You Team Danica or Team Candace?
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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars 2014: Are You Team Danica or Team Candace?

Like it or not, Dancing With the Stars Season 18 is really pushing the Candace Cameron Bure vs. Danica McKellar '90s teen stars rivalry. On Week 2, they even managed to get the girls to mention each other in their opening videos! So (of course) we wondered where our readers stand on this all important question. It turns out most of you are Team Candace.

During Week 2 of Dancing With the Stars Season 18 Wetpaint Entertainment teamed up with Viggle to see how fans feel about Danica vs. Candace, and the response was clear. 71 percent of responders said they side with Candace, with only 29 percent voting Team Danica.

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We're big fans of both ladies, but we did think Candace made the stronger Week 1 impression. That Contemporary was gorgeous! Week 2 started to show her flaws more, but that just means she has room for a growth arc, which viewers love. On the flip side, Danica has been strong so far, but she hasn't broken apart from the pack yet. But we know there's plenty of time left for our girl to break away and rise to the top!

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