Scandal Season 3: Is Kerry Washington Team Fitz or Team Jake? She Says…
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Scandal Season 3: Is Kerry Washington Team Fitz or Team Jake? She Says…

It’s a tough life, being Olivia Pope. The Scandalous one has her work cut out for her each week, bringing down blackmailers, saving butts, and making men fall in love with her without even really trying. These days, Liv is stuck between a rock and a hot place, with Captain Jake Ballard going through hell from her father, and still wanting to be with her, and President Fitzgerald Grant risking everything to show her he loves her.

So, while fans have fallen on one side or the other of the great Fitz / Jake debate, naturally, the question had to be asked of Scandal star Kerry Washington to get an answer once and for all. Is she captivated (for Olivia, of course) by Fitz’s power, passion, and willingness to betray a country for her?

Is it Noel Crane’s Jake Ballard’s sensitive-yet-lethal sexiness that makes her want to rip off her pantsuit and spend eternity in his arms, no matter what her father would do?

Neither, actually.

"I'm team Shonda Rhimes!" Kerry admits. "Whatever she writes is what I'm rooting for. And I guess I'm for Team Happy Olivia. I just want Olivia to be with the person who is right for her, and I guess we'll have to see how that unfolds."

While it’s kind of a cop out (OK, a total cop out), we get where she’s coming from. Both Jake and Fitz are extremely sexy and extremely flawed — all the better for fixer Liv to handle with her trademark care. But really, no matter what Shonda and the writers throw at us, we’ll be ready for it. Including a new love interest we recently heard about…

What do you think: Are you team Fitz or Team Jake? Weigh in below!

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