Teen Beat Tuesday: Devon Sawa
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Teen Beat Tuesday: Devon Sawa

Teen Beat, Tiger Beat, 16, Bop: these tween rags introduced us to all our first crushes. Every Tuesday, we remember the dudes that decorated our photo binders. This week: the ever-present Devon Sawa.

Name: Devon Sawa

We Called Him: ... Devon Sawa. If anyone had any catchy nicknames for Devon, let's hear 'em!

How Old Is He Now? 34! (Born September 7, 1978)

Claims to Fame: That all depends on when you started noticing Devon! Dude-man had multiple eras of his career before he hit adulthood. He was both fun and scrappy (with that bouncy hair in his face which of course we all loved) when he was more of a tween idol, but then he grew up into this semi-subversive cult star.

Why We Loved Him: He had some successful, scrappy beginnings in early-feminist primer The Little Giants. We all loved Christina Ricci (or at least, probably), and he ended up her adorable, hand-holdey twitterpation interest in both Now and Then and Casper (who didn't love him in Casper?!? Angst!).

Teen Beat Tuesday: Devon Sawa
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What's rad about Devon Sawa is he grew up and altered his career right alongside our relevant interests. If you had already outgrown stuff like our aforementioned, JTT-starring Wild America, the very next year he played a teen that went crazy after triple-digits of acid hits soaked into his leg in SLC Punk. Devon Sawa: teen heartthrob, underrated versatile actor.


Devon grew up and rode that weirdo cult wave for a while, ending up starring (and being super f-ing hot) in horror flicks, like the first Final Destination and in Idle Hands. Bonus: sulky Seth Green in the background! He was in all movies in the late 90s and early-aughts as the friend of the dude we had a crush on. Poor Seth Green. Maybe we'll do a Teen Beat Tuesday on him soon.

Teen Beat Tuesday: Devon Sawa
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Teen Beat Tuesday: Devon Sawa
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What’s He Up To Now: There were some Devon Sawa Dark Years for a little bit where he was just starring in stuff like 90s-teen-heartthrob-graveyard Extreme Dating and single episodes of NCIS, but he seems to have really found his niche as Owen Elliot/Sam Matthews on Nikita! And look, lo and behold, that face adjusted just fine to adulthood. And he bulked up. He's like the most amazing chameleon ever!

Who was your Teen Beat crush? Let us know in the comments!

07.23.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Sarah Anne Lloyd
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