2013 Teen Choice Awards: Alex Newell and Blake Jenner Remember Cory Monteith
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2013 Teen Choice Awards: Alex Newell and Blake Jenner Remember Cory Monteith

The 2013 Teen Choice Awards was a very happy event for Glee stars — despite all the tears.

It was a chance for them to let their fans know just how thankful they were for support and to rally around each other for the first time publicly since Cory Monteith's passing almost a month ago. We're still tearing up over Lea Michele's emotional acceptance speech, and we've already heard reactions from members of the Glee family that weren't present at the awards show, but E! News caught up with Alex Newell and Blake Jenner — two of last season's newbies — and they offered up their opinion of the tribute.

Blake, who won the award for Male Breakout Star for his portrayal of Ryder, said he is proud to have had such a strong costar. "[That was] such an emotional speech, but you know what, she's amazing and I'm glad that everybody got to hear her words because everybody through her words got to see a glimpse of the real Cory Monteith," he said.

We were lucky enough for Blake to share a personal memory of he and Cory as well. "We on Glee were so blessed to have known him and so blessed to have spent time with him. I mean, the dude took me snowboarding and he gave me so much advice both on work and personal stuff and he was just amazing. And so I'm glad that like [Lea] said, for the people that only knew him as Finn Hudson, I'm glad that they got to officially meet Cory Monteith, who was just an amazing person."

And Alex, who plays Wade — aka Unique — said every day on set gets a little easier. "We have gone back to work and we're just being together and doing everything together and just remembering Cory. I think that's what's give us an extra oomph is to do something that he loved to do every day," Alex said.

As for the Season 5: Episode 3 — Cory Monteith Tribute, Alex hopes it pleases fans. "This was a giant part of Cory, and we just doing it, so I hope that they're satisfied with doing it."

Source: E! News