Teen Female Bodybuilder Bullied For Her Ripped Physique
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Teen Female Bodybuilder Bullied For Her Ripped Physique

We all have our talents, and they can all be attributed to our amazing bodies. Some people’s lungs are perfect for singing or playing a woodwind instrument, and some people have the eyes and dexterity to draw or paint. One teen in Britain has a talent that requires her to use every single muscle in her body, and she is considered a serious person of interest in her sport.

Georgina McConnell is a 19-year-old amateur bodybuilder in Britain, but just by looking at her Facebook fan page, she is definitely in it for the gold. Georgina posts pictures of herself at home in the bathroom mirror just like every other teen on Facebook, but she also has side-by-sides of her when she first started and how she looks now as well as several albums of her competing at national bodybuilding competitions.

Teen Female Bodybuilder Bullied For Her Ripped Physique
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“Originally, like most girls, I wanted to be thin and toned,” says Georgina in her bio on Anabolic Designs, “so a lot of the things I did in the gym revolved around cardio and very light weights. After going to the gym for a while I started to see a lot of changes within myself and realized that I had the ability to gain muscle and change my body.”

Georgina started her journey at the young age of 14, and over the past five years, she’s gained an incredible amount of muscle, notoriety, and confidence. After she won second place for Miss Trained Figure in her first ever competition, she says, “My confidence was boosted to no end and it proved to me that I have talent and potential in this sport. I really felt like I belonged up there and it is something that I am very passionate about.”

While her muscles have done a lot for Georgina personally, they have also attracted more negative attention. She admits that not a lot of guys are attracted to her physique, but she’s confident that she’ll find a special someone someday. On her Facebook fan page, there have been enough negative comments to warrant a retort from Georgina herself.

“…I'm just being me and I believe in the 100%,” Georgina says, “I'm only 19 a hell of a lot of people my age would be depressed and forced to change themselves or even feel useless off the comments I've read but to be honest it's a good job I'm happy with who i am, I know what I'm doing and I'm doing it for me…” [sic]

We love that Georgina is so driven! We know how difficult it is to find what you’re good at, especially when there’s little to no support along the way. While we’re not sure how her parents feel about her hobby, it’s clear that she has enough inspiration within herself to keep working toward her goal. She hopes to one day earn her pro bodybuilding card, and we are excited for her to get it.

Sources: Anabolic Design, Facebook

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