Do Kailyn Lowry’s Placenta Pills Have Side Effects?
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Kailyn Lowry

Do Kailyn Lowry’s Placenta Pills Have Side Effects?

By now you've probably heard the crazy-amazing (and vaguely nausea-inducing) news that Teen Mom 2 Kailyn Lowry is eating her placenta — mostly because people can't stop talking about it. Kailyn made the decision to encapsulate the giant blob of bloody goo that provided nutrients for her son, and she's been popping placenta pills every day since Lincoln made his grand debut.

The encapsulation process is pretty simple — once Kailyn delivered the placenta (it usually pops out a few minutes after the baby) it was dehydrated, ground up, and placed in pill capsules. Kailyn's gotten a lot of negative feedback for her decision to take these pills, but placenta encapsulation is largely considered safe — not to mention super healthy.

Sure, fans have been waiting with bated breath to see if Kailyn would have any side effects as a result of eating her organ, but good news! She's feeling better than ever thanks to these suckers.

"For those wondering, I'm feeling pretty good so far taking my placenta pills," Kailyn tweeted on November 23. "No negative side effects!"

Kaily opted not to flavor her pills (apparently you can make them taste like strawberries … yum!), and hopes they'll help her drop some of that pesky pregnancy weigh. "That's supposed to be a benefit!" Kailyn told a fan who was joking about the pills' weight-loss abilities.

Sigh, who knew the key to shedding pounds was eating your own body parts?