9 Biggest Reveals From the ‘Teen Mom 2’ Premiere: Jenelle Evans Heads to Court (Twice)
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Teen Mom 2

9 Biggest Reveals From the ‘Teen Mom 2’ Premiere: Jenelle Evans Heads to Court (Twice)


It’s been more than half a year since we last had the Teen Mom 2 gals on TV, and boy, has a whole lot happened since.

The show is finally back and already packing in a whole lot of drama, from Kailyn Lowry second-guessing her divorce to Jenelle Evans getting a final verdict on those assault charges that had been looming for a year.

Keep reading for the full recap of the TM2 Season 7B premiere and second episode to catch up on where things stand with our moms, and stay tuned to Wetpaint throughout the season for weekly recaps every Monday night!

Kailyn Isn’t Sure She Wants a Divorce

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Although we know Kailyn and Javi have officially divorced in real time, the first episode was filmed back in June, before he’d returned home from deployment.

Nothing about their separation is set in stone at the point we come in, and Kail, who goes skydiving to get her mind off things, is open to waiting until he gets home to discuss their future.

"We'll see what it's like when he gets home. I’ve heard the adjustment is worse after they get home,” she tells a pal, even though she insists she’s happier without him around.

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Meanwhile, Javi, who we see via FaceTime, is on the same page and willing to fight for his family when he returns to Delaware.

"Me and Kail hit our rock bottom on this deployment. Me and Kail have definitely hit the lowest point in our marriage,” he tells Darius.

“I want my marriage more than anything… I think it's better if we can wait until we sit down and talk about. But if there’s any hope I can have my family together, I have to fight for it.”

Isaac Misses Javi So Much It Hurts

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And you know who this physical separation — and potential split — is hardest on? Isaac, who has trouble celebrating his kindergarten graduation with Kailyn, Jo, Vee, Vivi and Lincoln because he misses his stepfather.

“I want my dad,” Isaac tells Kail when she sees he’s upset. “My other dad.”

This kiddo is certainly not going to respond well to the split news that’s about to hit him. Ugh.

Adam Refuses to Film — Already

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We guess those rumors of Adam being difficult in the new season weren’t totally false, since he’s already refusing to film.

"I don’t know what to f—king tell ya, lady! No!" Adam says when producer Mandi begs him to film during his call time.

He eventually comes on camera and admits he was mad MTV showed footage of him missing Aubree’s father-daughter dance last season, but they happen to not be around when he did a sleepover with her at her school. Surely this will be a recurring theme for Adam over the next few eps!

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Meanwhile, Chelsea and Taylor, Paislee’s mom, meet up at the gym to work out and discuss Adam, who apparently lied on camera about his custody situation regarding Paislee.

“He gets her every other weekend unsupervised and has the option to have her one evening a week,” Taylor reveals, clarifying he does not have 50-50 like he claimed.

Then the mamas have a moment where they both realize how dumb they were for even liking Adam in the first place.

“Don’t you just think back and you're like... PUKE,” the girls say. Ouch!

Chelsea Starts Planning her Wedding

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Cameras get a nice glimpse at Aubree trying on her dress for Chelsea and Cole’s wedding, but we will not be seeing the bride do the same.

"I don't want to film dress shopping because it’s one of those things like how I don't want my wedding to be on [the show],” she tells producers while out to lunch with her mom, Aubs, and two bridesmaids. “That was another very personal thing that I just wanted to have for myself."

She continues, “When I first started the show I was OK with everything being out there but as I get older the more I appreciate privacy and like to have my own moments and don’t feel like I want everybody else to be a part of them.”

We do get to see Chels and co. get ready for Aubree’s spring concert though, so same thing, right?

Leah Freaks Out in Front of the Cameras

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When we first meet Leah this season, she’s stressed out because she can’t find her car keys and has to get her twins to t-ball practice ASAP.

"I'm about to have a panic attack, I feel like. I'm about to freak out,” we hear her say from behind a closed door. "Every time MTV's here something like this has to happen!"


Leah and the girls eventually make it on time, but we learn more about how the cameras add even more stress to the single mother’s plate.

“My Saturday routine is f—ked up the one time that we're filming so everyone's just gonna think this is how my life is all the time,” she tells sister Victoria. “That effects me. A lot of stuff with the show affects me."

Yay for finally breaking down the fourth wall, we guess?

Leah Co-Parents Well With At Least One of her Baby Daddies

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Things are better this season with at least one of Leah’s baby daddies — she, Corey and Miranda are working well on co-parenting the twins — but her relationship with Jeremy takes a hit when he tells her he’s leaving town for 3–4 months for work in South Dakota.

And we see how how hard it is for their daughter, Adalynn, in one heartbreaking Skype call.

"I feel like it was painful for her,” Leah cries of the call when Addie mistakenly thinks Jeremy is home and seeing his girlfriend, Brooke, and not her. “He’s home?” she cries.

Is this not the saddest face you've ever seen?!

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Ali’s Muscular Dystrophy Is Regressing


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We also get a brief update on Ali’s health condition, learning she’s now falling “5–10 times a day” so she must use her wheelchair more often — and wear a helmet when she doesn’t use the wheelchair so she won't bump her head.

"With her [muscular dystrophy], we don't know when what's gonna happen,” Leah says in reference to when the disease will progressively get worse.

Just add it this mama’s already-full plate!

Jenelle Goes to Court with Jessica

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Jenelle is still dealing with those pending assault charges Nathan’s girlfriend, Jessica, filed when she hit her in the head with a glass mason jar, as you do. And Jenelle is scared that if the jury finds her guilty, she’ll face 30 days in jail, and have charges that’ll affect her custody battles and job prospects.

“She’s being a bitch about the whole situation,” Jenelle says of Jessi not dropping the charges. “I hate her with a passion. She would send a mother to jail and have her child taken away?!”

Cameras then follow Jenelle, David, Nathan and Jessica in the courtroom, where we hear both sides of testimony.


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Ultimately, Jenelle’s lawyer argues they filed charges because "this is all about a custody case, your honor," and the mom of two gets emotional when taking the stand.

“I’m just trying to be a good person and a good mom,” she cries. “I want this all to be over.”


Well, guess what? It is over, as the jury deliberates and Jenelle is deemed not guilty. Yippee!

Jenelle Also Goes to Court With Nathan

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But Jenelle’s still finding a way to keep the North Carolina court system in business, as by episode 2 she’s back in court with Nathan discussing Kaiser’s custody situation.

Though Nathan wants full custody, claiming the environment his son is in is “ridiculous,” they eventually agree he’ll get three weekends a month with his son and Jenelle will have him the rest of the time.

There's two caveats, though; one, the judge has yet to write up the papers, which only become official once both parents agree to sign them, and two, David isn't thrilled with Jenelle letting Nathan see Kai.

“When he asks me about Kaiser, it’s my responsibility to text him back,” Jenelle reasons with David. “You have to understand that. You can’t get mad.”

Will David get past his jealous issues? Will Jenelle and Nathan ever settle on custody? Tell us below!

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