Corey Simms on ‘TM2’ Reunion: “Leah Can’t Keep a Husband For More Than Two Years”

Teen Mom 2

Corey Simms on ‘TM2’ Reunion: “Leah Can’t Keep a Husband For More Than Two Years”


Though Part 1 of the Teen Mom 2 Season 6 reunion had some pretty big revelations, like that Nathan Griffith apparently abused Jenelle Evans while she was pregnant (!!!), we have a feeling Part 2 is going to take things up a notch.


In these new promo clips MTV released ahead of next week’s episode, things get really heated between Leah Messer and Chelsea Houska and their respective exes, Corey Simms and Adam Lind.


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In the first clip, Corey takes some jabs at Leah, saying he’s finally standing up for himself after years of letting her walk all over him.


“She has issues with Miranda because she’s jealous of her,” Corey says of Leah’s relationship with his pregnant wife. “Me and Miranda have a normal functioning life. She can’t keep a husband for more than two years.” Low blow!


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“Where were you during your first couple months of marriage?,” Leah retorts, seemingly hinting at the reports that Corey and Leah hooked up in 2014 when they were both married. Even lower blow!

Then, before things intensify further, Leah screams out “monkey” and an audience member — perhaps her mom? — repeats the word before Dr. Drew explains it’s her safe word and means she doesn’t want the conversation to go any further. If that’s a tactic Leah learned in rehab, we’re happy to see she’s integrating those practices into her daily life.

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Meanwhile, Chelsea comes face-to-face with Adam, who defends his parenting skills in the clip.


“I could’ve been a better father back in the day but now? It’s all about now,” Adam says. Though he does admit to not spending Father’s Day with his daughters, Aubree and Paislee, when Chelsea questions him about it.


“I went away for a trip, I needed to get away,” Adam says as Chelsea rolls her eyes in disgust.