9 Times The ‘Teen Mom 2’ Cast Called Out MTV For Editing Season 7
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Teen Mom 2

9 Times The ‘Teen Mom 2’ Cast Called Out MTV For Editing Season 7


We’re sensing some major tension between the Teen Mom 2 cast and their bosses at MTV. We don’t know what it is about Season 7 in particular, but already the girls (and some of the guys) have complained about how they’re being portrayed on the show!

This is nothing new for reality TV — it’s like a rite of passage for any franchise — but it’s gotten to another level as we dive full steam ahead into TM2’s seventh season.

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Take a look below to see all the times the cast has complained about their depiction on the show this season thus far and keep checking back, as we’re sure we haven’t heard the last of it:

Jenelle Calls Out Voiceovers

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Once an episode wraps filming, a production company will often have the cast go back in and record voiceovers in a studio to explain what’s happening.

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And Jenelle wasn’t afraid to let everyone know she was upset with her voiceover in Episode 2, since it didn’t match up with what was actually going on in the scene. We can’t say she’s wrong!

Jenelle Is Upset With The Trailer

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The first time she gave a piece of her mind to the producers was before the season even began. Just before the Season 7 trailer debuted on February 22, Jenelle tweeted that she was “not happy” with the final product since it showed “bits and pieces” of the drama in her life, rather than focus on the good things like her new relationship or her attempts to regain custody of Jace.

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Chelsea Jokes About Her Lack of Screentime

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Though her comment wasn’t as outright as her co-star’s, Chels made a subtle jab at her portrayal in the trailer, too, saying she was barely in it because she didn’t have enough drama, what with her engagement to Cole DeBoer being her main focus.

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Her dad, Randy, certainly didn't disagree!

Leah Says MTV Is “Twisting” Her Story

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The TM2 Season 7 premiere spurred lots of backlash for Leah in particular, since one scene showed her delirious and (texting) and driving her kids to school as they complained they were hungry for not having had breakfast.

Leah first defended herself amid claims of negligent parenting, and later put blame on her producers for “twisting” her story “for the benefit of a network.” She also wrote that she was hurt and felt “betrayed” by those she felt she could trust to tell her story accurately.

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Leah Calls Teen Mom 2 a "Fake Ass TV Show"

Later on in the season after Episode 7 aired — you know, the one in which she had that dinner date with ex-husband Jeremy Calvert — Leah took to Twitter again to air her grievances. She hinted at how the editors made her feelings look one-sided in that scene, going so far as to call the series a "fake a#% TV show."

Kailyn Gets Upset Over Her Misspelled Name

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And she had every right to be mad! In another promo touting the new season, the star’s name was misspelled as “Kaiylin.” Needless to say, Kail retweeted fans who caught the error and were none too thrilled about it:

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Jeremy Says The Show Is “Not All Real”

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But the show’s ladies aren’t the only ones who shared their thoughts on the editing process. Leah’s ex husband Jeremy Calvert posted a rant on Instagram after he got fed up with fans’ comments that he and Leah are getting back together.

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In the now-deleted post, he also called out MTV’s editing process and said that the show is “not all real.”

Adam Reveals Confidential Salary Information

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Though perhaps no one is known for the Instagram rant more than Chelsea’s ex, Adam Lind. The dad of two’s most recent (and now deleted) rant is a doozy, in which he revealed Chelsea’s salary, threatened to quit should there be a Season 8, and said he will take his daughters off the show after their contracts run up at the end of Season 7. Those are pretty strong claims, Lind!

Corey Is Tired Of Looking Like the Bad Guy

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Corey Simms and his wife Miranda are a bit quieter on the social media front, but that doesn’t mean they’re not a little peeved about how the show depicts them.

Corey was reportedly upset with being portrayed as the “bad guy” on Season 6 who just picked on Leah for no reason, and also seemed bothered by the network brushing her “drug problem” under the rug (though the mom of three insists she only sought treatment for depression and anxiety, not pill-popping).

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Now, in Season 7, the couple allegedly wants to film less to help disassociate themselves from all the drama.

As always, we’ll just have to stay tuned and see if anyone follows through with their threats!

Teen Mom 2 Season 7 airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on MTV.

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