‘Teen Mom 2’ Finale Recap: Kailyn Gets Divorced & More Big Moments
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Teen Mom 2

‘Teen Mom 2’ Finale Recap: Kailyn Gets Divorced & More Big Moments


Another season of Teen Mom 2 has come and gone, and this year’s finale is a real doozy.

Though Season 7 ends on a happy note for at least half of our mamas, did we really need that super depressing (yet expected) ending for Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin? Not okay.

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We’re switching things up with our recap this week, so instead of reliving the episode’s 5 biggest moments, here’s a rundown of where each of the four ladies ends up when we leave them.

Well, at least until we pick back up again with Season 8

Chelsea Ends Her Child Support Battle, Starts “Family-Planning” With Cole

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Adam Lind makes approximately zero appearances in the finale, but have no fear because Chelsea more than explains the latest in their child support case over Aubree.

Turns out their lawyers compromised, and Adam has to pay Chels “X” amount of money each month towards their daughter. He’s not happy, but as Chels says, “he doesn’t have a choice.”

“The child support is done and set and it’s just a weight off my shoulders,” she tells a pal. “He should have responsibility for Aubree. I don’t feel bad for him."

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Meanwhile, her life with fiancé Cole is stellar as usual. The twosome go on their first dinner date in forever, talk about having kids after their wedding, and ogle their new wedding rings.

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"I feel like [Aubree] is on a better path now that she has you,” Chels smirks to her fiancé.

There ya go, Ms. Houska. Kick your baby daddy right where it hurts.

Jenelle Is No Closer To Getting Back Jace

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Like Adam, Nathan Griffith gets zero screentime this week, but it’s fine because honestly Kaiser isn’t really the focus of this episode anyway. Well, except for that time David refers to the baby as a “little screaming bitch” like his daddy...

Instead, it’s all about Jace and Jenelle’s relationship with Barbara and how stubborn she’s being about giving the 6-year-old back to his mama.

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After a day of boating, Jace and Jenelle have a heartfelt (yet ill-timed) chat in the car, where Jenelle explains to her little boy why he can’t just go live with her like he wants, and how Babs gained custody of him in the first place.

"I wanted to have this talk with you for a long time but I wanted you to understand,” she tells him, breaking down into tears. “But I’m trying, okay? I’m trying my hardest."

But Barbara, who’s been screaming at Jenelle from the other end of the phone for not dropping Jace off on time, doesn’t seem like she’s going to make this any easier.

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"You take off every other week and you drop your kids off with people!” Babs says of why Jace can’t live with Jenelle, also accusing her and boyfriend David of “brainwashing” Jace. "It’ll be a long time in hell before he goes to your house."

It’ll also probably be a long time until we finally see these two figure it all out, but what can you do.

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Oh, and if you’re wondering, we do not get a update on the “medical crisis” that’s been plaguing Jenelle for the past two episodes, but click on over HERE if you want to find out her (not-so-shocking) diagnosis.

Leah Finds Peace With Her Exes...And Herself

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Leah and Corey have finally figured out the custody sitch where they each get 50-50, and things are pretty much fab with Corey and Miranda even after that whole backpack video debacle. Their co-parenting relationship has actually been strengthened as a result!

"It turned out to be a good conversation,” Leah says of her subsequent chat with Miranda. "I actually feel like there's improvement, Corey and I are in a better place, Jeremy and I are in an okay place.”

And despite a cordial (albeit slightly awkward) first meeting with Jeremy’s girlfriend, Brooke, Leah later gets very upset with her second ex-husband for seemingly choosing Brooke’s daughter over Adalynn.

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"He needs to stop worrying about someone else's child and worry about his own," she yells.

But not even a little baby daddy drama will rain on Leah’s parade — er, BBQ — as she throws a low-key dinner at her home to celebrate spring and being out of treatment for almost a year.

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"I’m at the best place that I've ever been, ever,” she says.

We may or may not have cried while Leah tells her girls how much she loves them, and then bawled even more when little Aleeah starts tearing at her mama’s sweet words, too.

We’re glad it all works out in the end for Leah and the #AAAsisters!


Kailyn and Javi Confirm The End Of Their Marriage

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We just wish we could say the same for Kailyn and Javi.

A few more tense Facetime conversations prove their marriage is really dunzo.

"This deployment is harder than either one of us ever imagined, and it does make me question whether or not we're strong enough to make it through it,” Kail tells her hubby via video. She later says, “things have been so horrible for the past 6 months, we had the miscarriage and I didn’t have time to process and grieve before you left."

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But s—t gets really real when Kail talks to a friend from school about the “d” word.

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"Before Javi left we wanted another baby, and then he left and I just realized that..I’m basically a single mom when he’s gone. When he comes home, I’m graduating three months or so later so I want to focus on my career. I would love a third baby but I don’t think it’s good right now.”

But there’s more.

“Not to mention, Javi and I haven’t been good for two freakin years. Why on God’s green earth would I bring another child into that? If we don’t end up working out after the third child then I am a single mom of three children by myself all the time. But it doesn’t matter if we work out the rest [of our problems] because he says if I’m not going to have anymore kids he can’t stay with me."

Javi letter confirms that harsh reality in another video chat with his wife.

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"If you’re not going to change your mind I'll always resent you and I won’t be happy with my life because I wanted more kids. I don’t want to do that to you, I don’t want to do that to the kids. I don’t think I can change my mind.”

Way to sugarcoat it, bro.

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As the episode concludes, we see the Air Force man tell his wife to “get the ball rolling” on the divorce so they can finalize everything when he returns home.

"If you’re not going to change your mind there's no point in trying to salvage this marriage," he says.

BRB — we’ll be over here crying forever.

Stay tuned for details about the two-part Teen Mom 2 Season 7 reunion show, airing Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on MTV.

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