12 Biggest Reveals From Jenelle Evans at the ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 7 Reunion
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Teen Mom 2

12 Biggest Reveals From Jenelle Evans at the ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 7 Reunion


So much is happening during Part 1 of the Teen Mom 2 Season 7 reunion show we don’t even know where to begin.

There are so many secrets revealed that we have to split this recap up into two parts — one for Jenelle Evans and a separate one for Leah Messer. Yes, really.

But here’s a little teaser — Kieffer Delp is back in the picture, guys!

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To find out what Jenelle’s most infamous ex-boyfriend has to do with anything, a shocking secret about Jace, and more, read on below for the 12 biggest bombshells about Jenelle, her baby daddy, her boyfriend, and her mom.

Then click on over HERE to find out what goes down with Leah and why both her baby daddies are no shows at the reunion taping.

Here goes...

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Jenelle still won’t take the blame for assaulting Jessica.

"I feel like that particular situation, my buttons were pressed for too much for too long,” Jenelle tells Dr. Drew when he brings up the charges. “She came at me. We had two or three altercations before that and she was told not to be on my property." Woof.

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Jenelle does “definitely not” still have feelings for her ex, Nathan Griffith.

"Definitely not. After the way I’ve been treated by David versus Nathan, David wants to settle down, he’s all about the family. He’s always hands on with the kids.”

You know, because apparently wanting a family is the number requirement for a good boyfriend these days.

Jenelle and Nathan disagree about why they broke up.

Nathan comes out to join his baby mama on the (opposite end of the) couch, and pretty much all hell breaks loose.

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"It was just really toxic, fighting every day,” Nathan says of why they split, also insisting he tried to get them to go to couples counseling.

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But Jenelle is not having any of that, saying the real reason they called it quits is because “he met someone new.”

Nathan accuses Jenelle of cheating on him...with Kieffer!

Not one to just sit back and let his ex accuse him of cheating, Nathan fires back with cheating allegations of his own.

"Show them the picture of you and Kieffer in bed!” he yells. “But oh, I cheated on you."


It’s funny though because Jenelle doesn’t deny having a slumber party with Kieffer in September before she met David, but later yells that Nathan, who was still on her lease at the time, only knew about that because he stormed into her home at 4 in the morning.

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Even Barbara, who joins her daughter onstage later, backs up her daughter’s claims, but insists The Delp is no longer in the picture.

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"He was there for a one-night visit," she says, to audience laughter. "And then Kieffer left the next day and we've never seen Kieffer again."

She and Jenelle claim Nathan showed up at 4 a.m swiping the shades on the windows with a knife and choked Kieffer before he fled. Where were the cameras when this was all going down, huh?!

Nathan also accuses Jenelle of self-harming and using drugs.

But the nasty remarks don’t end with the cheating. The dad of two, who calls Jenelle out for gaining weight, also insinuates that the 24-year-old had self-harmed —  "Why don’t you show everyone that cut on your wrist,” he says — before she retaliates by saying that he punched her in the face, and her BFF Tori can vouch for it.

Wow, that relationship was more dysfunctional than we thought.

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He then later insists their son Kaiser is in an unstable environment because she and David are both using drugs.

"You are not capable of taking care of him. You are totally unstable,” he says.

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Nathan is not a fan of Jenelle’s new beau.

Even though it seemed on the show as if Nathan was happy to have Dave Eason come in between him and Jenelle and help ease the co-parenting tension, it seems like that’s not the case.

"He can’t even see his own son for certain stipulations,” the ever-articulate Nathan says of David. “And on top of that, he should not be involved with my son."

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David lost custody of his son because he was in prison.

We knew David had a shady past, but at the reunion he reveals he can no longer see his son because he was taken away from him when he was serving time.

"I had custody of my son taken away when I was incarcerated and it just was not fair," David tells Dr. Drew. "I basically plead guilty to something I didn't do."

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The silver lining here, though? David understands what it’s like to not see his son and wants to ensure that Nathan and Kaiser have a relationship. How thoughtful.

David is partly to thank for Barbara and Jenelle making amends.

Despite his criminal background and his infamous on-screen fight with Babs, David comes off a decent guy who really does want Jenelle and Barbara to stop fighting.

“We get along more now because my mom accepts David,” Jenelle admits. “When I'm single and don't have a guy we get along, too.”

So why did Barbara call Dave “the worst boyfriend she’s ever had?”

"I don’t think she knew what she was talking about,” he laughs.

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But Barbara is still no fan of Nathan’s.

She even calls her daughter’s ex an alcoholic!

"He'd be doing shots morning, noon, night,” the Wal-Mart employee reveals, hilariously acting out his chugging.

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And don’t even get her started on his infamous underwear selfies.

"What the hell, Jenelle. Why is he in his underwear posing?"

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Barbara and Jenelle went six months without seeing each other.

“I felt like that one fight with her and David, it was completely uncalled for,” Jenelle admits of why they took some time apart. “But I'm really happy things turned around."

The three of them even went out to dinner, Jenelle says, and her mom got so drunk she had to call an Uber to drive her home!

Barbara doesn’t plan on using Tinder to find a boyfriend like Jenelle did.

"They’re all sea captains and they’re like scruffy and all they wanna do is have sex on the boat,” Babs candidly admits of her prospective dates. “I'm going to be stinky, fishy, all that."  Um, gross.

Jace has been diagnosed with ADHD.

"The second day he was on his medication he made student role model of the day,” Babs says, recalling how much better he’s been since his diagnosis.

But Jenelle, however, is worried her son will become addicted to the medication when he’s a teenager. You know, like she did.

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"The medicine he's taking, it's a controlled substance and I'm afraid when he gets older if he's still on it if his friends are like, ‘oh let me get some of that,” she says.

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But both Barbara and Dr. Drew agree that the 6-year-old needs the Vyvanse now, but will be weaned off it as he gets older.

"If he was not medicated he would've failed first grade,” Babs says.

Got all that? So many bombshells, so little time. Let's hear it for Kieffah, ya'll!

Chelsea Houska and Kailyn Lowry will have their hopefully just-as-revealing chats with Dr. Drew in Part 2 of the Teen Mom 2 Season 7 reunion, airing next Monday, June 20 at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.

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