‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 7B Finale Recap: Cops Are Called to Set on Kidnapping Charges!
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Teen Mom 2

‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 7B Finale Recap: Cops Are Called to Set on Kidnapping Charges!


Breaking down the fourth wall on Teen Mom 2 this season was all leading up to this eventful finale, in which we see what goes on behind-the-scenes at a reunion show.

How else would we get to see cops being called to set for a supposed kidnapping? Or Barbara Evans in literal hysterics while smoking a cigarette? Or Kailyn Lowry rubbing Jenelle’s and Chelsea’s baby bumps because she wants one of her own?

Read all that and more in Wetpaint’s recap, and stay tuned to see what drama ensues in Part 1 of the Teen Mom 2 Season 7B reunion.

Kailyn and Javi Get Closure

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Before flying out to Los Angeles for the reunion, we get to find out the ending of last week’s cliffhanger when Javi walks right into Kailyn’s house unannounced (again).

Surprisingly, the conversation goes pretty well on both ends, and Kail gives her ex-husband the closure he so desperately needs and tells him showing up to her house uninvited isn’t helping matters in the slightest.


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"I don’t [feel what you felt],” Kail tells her ex.

“I’ve already felt what I need to feel. There are times where I still cry. You can sit here and let yourself in and take my keys but it’s not going to make anything better. If anything, you’re making me hate you. It’s not like we were this happy f—king couple. Is it right [that we’re divorcing]? No, it’s not right But what you’re doing is not ever going to change it."

No sugarcoating here!


Kailyn Suffers From Baby Fever

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Once she arrives in Los Angeles, Kail is eager to get past the divorce drama and see her co-stars — and touch their baby bumps.

She asks Chelsea if she can be her son’s “pseudo-grandma,” and gets handsy with Jenelle’s tummy.

“I want another baby so bad! I have baby fever. I want these babies to come out so I can cure the baby fever."

When Babs asks her why, since she just said last season she didn't want another kid, Kailyn gives a low blow.

“I know! But I didn’t want them with Javi." Yeesh.


Jenelle Cries After Being On-Stage With Her Mom

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From there, the rest of the episode focuses mainly on Jenelle and her boatload of drama.

"Our relationship is going to be ruined,” she cries to David after discussing Jace’s custody situation with her mom and Dr. Drew on-stage.

“You’re supposed to have a mom that cares about you, not that's selfish. You should want to know what’s going on in my life and care what I have to say. She's always cared about my brother and sister more than me.”


Then, producers asks Jenelle to come on stage to film the opening segment with her co-stars, a task she finds nearly impossible given the circumstances.



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"You guys have to understand that I'm pregnant and I am upset right now,” she cries.

“I'm not able to go on stage like this. I can’t do but I don’t wanna be excluded like I f—king normally am.”

Chelsea Gets an Actual Fever, Goes Home

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While all this is going on in Jenelle’s dressing room, Chelsea, also pregnant and emotional, starts running a low-grade fever and isn’t sure she can film the group stuff, either.

"I just don’t want anyone to think I'm an a—hole,” she says as she and Cole get ready to return to their hotel.

Two down, two to go!

Jenelle Leaves Set, Takes Jace With Her

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Once Jenelle calms down a little bit, she and David call an Uber so they can go back to the hotel — and they take Jace with them since he wanted to tag along.

Producers try to chase after her and convince her to stay, to no avail.

"I don’t care because I’m always excluded,” she says. “Tell my mom while she's chit-chatting with everyone I have Jace and Jace will be fine with me.”

When Kristen tells her they can’t do a reunion without Jenelle, she couldn’t care less.



"It doesn’t matter, you guys got my f—king mom. You guys have her for f—king everything. I told Larry [Musnik, the executive producer] to take her out of the f—king show, I told him that. I told him I'm not doing another season if that bitch is on the f—king show."

Uh, can someone get poor Larry a raise?!

"I don’t want my mom involved at all filming,” she says, echoing her sentiments from an earlier episode. “I don’t want her to be a character, I don’t want her to have extra time because this is why she's not giving back my son.

“If you guys stop filming her and if I stop spending time with her and only give her Jace on the weekends maybe she'll give up and just give him to me."

Once they get in the car, we see an angry side of David we’ve never witnessed on-screen before.

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"If these guys don’t move, I’m gonna get out the car and move them my mother f—king self,” he tells producer Morgan who, along with a few security guards, is blocking the car from leaving.

Once the car drives away, the producers make the bold decision to call the cops, since technically Babs is Jace’s legal guardian and Jenelle and David drove away with him without Barbara’s consent.


Barbara Evans Freaks The Eff Out

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Once Babs comes outside and gets the news, she freaks out, to say the least.

"Tell the police to make sure they don’t leave the hotel with that kid. This is like a HUGE f—king issue for court, do you understand this? Does everyone understand this is why I can't let her have him?

She continues, "I'm so upset. I'm gonna throw [David’s] ass in jail. Larry, do you understand? This is why I don't want Jenelle with this guy. He's trying to get control over Jace. This is serious shit. We're going to f—king court.”

Babs’s outbursts only continue once she gets in the car and heads to the hotel to claim Jace.

“F—k you man, you'll never get f—king Jace. And this is not against Jenelle. Jace cannot be in this house with this guy. I try to protect him and this is what I f—king deal with. He can take my grandson? He's going to f—king jail. Watch.”

But she doesn’t stop there.

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“He’s a f—king p—y. He can’t even sit and go on with Dr. Drew 'cause he's a p—y.

“I worry about Jenelle, now she's having another baby with another f—king a—hole! She will never ever get custody of Jace … when my lawyer hears about this... done. Deal."

If you think this is bad, just you wait and see what happens once she gets to the hotel…

With the cops nowhere to be found, Jenelle and Barbara then put Kristen in the middle — Jenelle tells Kristen to tell Babs to come to the room and get him, but she insists they bring him down.

"I need a [police] report, Kristen,” Babs says, lighting a cigarette and crouching to the floor. “They gotta know that I’m not playing games."

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David finally brings Jace — who’s scared s—tless, BTW — down to the lobby, but that’s hardly the end of it.

"Why are you filming something about the cops when this is gonna go on air and it’s gonna be about my son and custody?" Jenelle tells Kristen over the phone. "You are doing this to me, you’re feeding into it.

"Go have Barbara, go have Nathan, they give you enough drama. Goodbye."


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The cops eventually show up (way to go, LAPD), but unfortunately, Barbara can’t charge David with kidnapping without pressing charges against her daughter, too.

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"I don’t want to press charges on my daughter but I just need somebody to tell him that this is a serious matter and I need a report,” she explains.

Kailyn and Leah Film Anyway

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Even without Jenelle and Chelsea, the show must go on, and Kailyn and Leah, the last two standing, film their parts without their co-stars.

"I don’t really care if they didn’t film or not,” Leah says when asked about the drama. “It’s just none of my business. All I care about is myself and my responsibilities."

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“Chelsea's sick, I do not blame her, she is carrying a child, go ahead. Jenelle... she ran with her child? Who knows? But she was paid for this, she should be here."

Kailyn Butts Heads With Vee


After filming her segment with Javi, Jo, and Vee, Kailyn and Vee come to blows backstage after Dr. Drew asks them to discuss Vee pushing Jo to file for 50-50 custody of Isaac.

"Losing 50-50 custody of Lincoln [to Javi] after having him to myself, it's hard on me,” Kail says to Vee. “And then on top of it I hear you want Jo to take me for 50-50... it feels like my motherhood is threatened.”

Luckily, fellow mom Vee feels her pain and clears things up, saying posing threats was never her intention.

"It looks to me like you just gave it to [Javi] and Jo, he's been working for it so long and that hurt me.”

Yay for everyone being friends again!

The next day, all four girls show up for the Unseen Moments filming — Jenelle because her mom won’t be there, and Chelsea because she feels better — but holy crap, are these upcoming episodes going to be tense.


Do you think Babs was wrong to react so strongly? Was Jenelle (or Chelsea) wrong to leave set in the first place in the middle of a shoot? Tell us below!

Part 2 of the Teen Mom 2 reunion airs Monday, March 27 at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.

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